SEAC hosts YourNextU Homeroom #1 to unveil 5Cs strategy for 2022 year-end success
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SEAC hosts YourNextU Homeroom #1 to unveil 5Cs strategy for 2022 year-end success

Targets achieving cumulative customer base of 70,000 members. Launching “Rak Na Tua Eng” campaign with three artists joining forces to communicate and connect with new target audiences. Introducing sets of learning packages as new year gifts for Thai people

  • SEAC organises the first ‘homeroom’ session to provide updates on highlights of success achieved during 90 days after rebranding to YourNextU School of Life, restructuring new management and team members, moving forward with 5Cs strategy through partnership synergies with all sectors to create a turning point that transforms Thai education business and expands the community of passionate learners, with the goal to reach a cumulative customer base of 70,000 members by end 2022, on a path to become a leader in creating life skills for all Thai people. 
  • Announcing the latest “Friend of YourNextU”, Kru Loukgolf – Kanatip Soonthornrak to help co-create contents, expand learning community, and co-develop special curricula.
  • Collaborating with three contemporary storytelling artists – SOMMARKZ, Tum-Natakorn Ulit and Katanyu Sawangsri who help convey brand purpose through "Rak Na Tua Eng" campaign to new target audiences, while launching sets of learning package as new year gift for both individual and corporate customers

Boonyanuch Boonbumrungsub, Managing Director of YourNextU by SEAC, said, “After joining SEAC, I found that most Thai people today still place very little importance on education or self-development, and view them as boring. They put them among the last items on the list of what they wish to invest in for themselves. That’s why YourNextU School of Life is determined to move forward to motivate Thai people across all sectors to create a ripple effect throughout Thai society raising awareness of the value and importance of self-development and life-long learning, as if they were the 5th basic factor of life. Especially, we believe that the development of life skills, or soft skills, can help make a positive impact on self-development at work as well as in daily life. According to a survey conducted by Wonderlic among over 750 employees in the US, 97% of respondents agreed that soft skills positively affect their working performance. Similarly, research conducted by Stanford Research Center, Harvard University and the Carnegie Foundation has concluded that 85% of job success comes from having well‐developed soft skills and people skills. These findings affirm the importance of soft skills which play an increasingly critical role in people's lives. Therefore, we set a key ambition to expand the learning community network along with our 2022 goal to increase the cumulative total number of members to 70,000 by the end of this year.”

During the past three months since its rebranding, YourNextU has achieved considerable success from what it has experimented and learned under the new business direction. The restructuring of the management and

working team has led to the hiring of new employees in new positions to join the mission of transforming and redefining learning experience. A new way to generate revenue from new sales strategy has been achieved by shifting focus from lump sum subscription package to a single course-based package highlighting a 5-life skill course. A new uniqueness has been created through the collaboration with Creative Talk to co-design the Soft Skills Bootcamp #1, with the aim of building a learning community for soft skills among target audiences. New ways of content creation and new learning experiences have been explored by sponsoring the immersive theatre show titled “nowhereland: THE EDEN”, hosting CSR activities in the form of a workshop program under the "Iconic Women Alliance (IWA) by SEAC" project to empower ordinary working women and provide them with self-development opportunities, as well as launching exclusive learning sessions for KOLs and influencers to pave the way to a new dimension of innovative communication on learning in order to reach new target groups.

YourNextU will continue to move forward to achieve its goal by the end of 2022 under the 5Cs strategy, consisting of:

  • Contextualise – Focusing on curriculum design and creation of learning experiences on both Hard Skills and Soft Skills, that are seamlessly integrated into people's lives, as well as adapted to suit the lives of Thai people of all ages, with contents from many recognised and world-renowned institutions.
  • Collaboration – Exploring new partnerships to become “Friends of YourNextU” by collaborating with like-minded companions who share common beliefs and interests in raising the bar of education for people in Thailand (Inspire). Ready to join in the creation of learning paths in new ways together (Design) and help expand the community of passionate learners to reach new, broader target groups (Expand). Kru Loukgolf – Kanatip Soonthornrak, owner of the language institute and famous DJ will participate in developing learning content in various formats to capture new target groups, especially Gen Z, co-creating a community as well as providing insightful information beneficial to the development of special courses to suit the new target groups.
  • Creativity – Leveraging creative ideas to develop new learning experiences, such as SEAC's signature game-based learning, which combines the fun of gaming with learning, making it enjoyable, easy to access, and practical for learners.
  • Continuity – Promoting continuous and comprehensive learning with the 4 Line Learning model encompassing ONLINE, INLINE, BEELINE and FRONTLINE.
  • Community – Promoting a learning society where everyone can join and learn and grow together, not only limited to the working people, employees of organisations or companies, human resources department of organisations, but expanded to become a "community of passionate learners".

Following the 5Cs strategy, YourNextU announced the launch of "Rak Na Tu Eng" campaign. The name of the campaign represents the way to show love to others or yourself by saying “I Love You”. The campaign aims to invite Thai people to give the gift of knowledge and self-development skills as a way to express love and

gratitude to themselves, to people around them, as well as for organisations to give to their employees. The campaign joins forces with three contemporary storytelling artists – SOMMARKZ, a content creator through social platforms widely known for his compelling quotes, Tum Ulit, a cartoonist who tells stories with comics without any dialogue, and Katanyu Sawangsri, an avid storyteller on-stage stand-up comedy style, to help convey the definition of self-love in different contexts through their own way of storytelling technique to reach more new generation target audiences.

To celebrate the campaign, YourNextU launched three sets of learning package as new year gifts for all Thai people:

  • Love Yourself – for individual customerd to buy for oneself – Buy a Full Access learning package for 6 months at a special price of only 9,000 baht, from normal price of 12,000 baht (promotion period: today – 31 December 2022) and get 6 months more free
  • Love Those Who You Love – for individual customers to buy for other people – Buy Full Access learning package for 6 months at a special price of only 9,000 baht, from normal price of 12,000 baht (promotion period: today – 31 December 2022) and get 6 months more free
  • Love The People Who Work for You – for corporate customer to buy for their employees – Bu\y Virtual package (via Zoom) or Full Access package for 100 users or more and receive free Psytech Personality Assessment and Report for all participating employees, plus one copy of Psytech Team Analysis Report assessing weaknesses, strengths and overview of organisation

Or buy Virtual package (via Zoom) or Full Access package for 50 users or more and receive free Psytech Personality Assessment and Report for all participating employees (promotion period: today – 31 January 2023) For more information: visit Facebook: YournextU or

“We hope that the “Rak Na Tua Eng” campaign will redefine the way people buy gifts for themselves and those around them on special occasions by including the giving of knowledge and self-development skills on their wish list,” concludes Boonyanuch, adding, “This will lead to new social perspective which is one of YourNextU's most important goals, that will drive the notion of endless learning to expand and become a wider community of passionate learners.”

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