B. Braun Wins Best Company to Work For in Asia 2022

B. Braun Wins Best Company to Work For in Asia 2022

Mr. Sayan Roy, Managing Director and Ms. Veerawan Rungruangsiriwong, Head of Human Resources, B. Braun Thailand.
Mr. Sayan Roy, Managing Director and Ms. Veerawan Rungruangsiriwong, Head of Human Resources, B. Braun Thailand.

Awarded by HR Asia for the 3rd consecutive year, reaffirming the company’s excellent human resource practices of diversity and inclusion

B. Braun, a world-leading medical technology company, has been awarded the ‘HR Asia Best Company to Work for in Asia 2022’ for the third year in a row. The award, which recognises well-accepted human resource practices, high levels of employee engagement, and excellent workplace cultures of companies across Asia, reiterates B. Braun’s dedication to a better world of work driven by people at the core.

B. Braun was among the 67 companies who were shortlisted as winners for 2022 from the 219 applicants from over 20 industries.

Constantly accelerating work culture with people centricity 

The vision to protect and improve the health of people around the world of B. Braun is rooted in the company’s commitment to continue to uphold the wellbeing of its employees. With its values of innovation, efficiency and sustainability, the organisation continuously strives to evolve to meet the changing aspirations of its employees shaped by transformative working environments. 

Since the pandemic, the company has activated hybrid practices using “Flexible work arrangements” policies which have provided employees the opportunity to choose their most preferred working condition. Quarterly ‘Care pack’ for all, and customised ‘Home isolation kit’ for Covid-affected employees have been sent to support employees at home. Moreover, ‘Family and Life Care holidays’ are provided to encourage employees to take day-offs to take care and be with their loved ones. These policies enforced by B. Braun Thailand have resulted in enhanced work-life integration and happiness at work.

“The more diverse and inclusive workforce, the better the expertise in sharing” 

With its promise of sharing expertise and using the power of technology to drive advancements in healthcare, B. Braun Thailand values differences as the fuel of new perspectives and possibilities. 

The organisation believes in cultivating a culture of sharing in which all employees feel free to be who they really are and to feel confident in putting their ideas and contributions on the table. B. Braun Thailand also assess pay for gender parity on a regular basis to ensure there is equal pay and equal opportunity for everyone.

Beyond providing better services and solutions for partners and customers, the constructive exchange of thoughts and feedback with its people also optimises the company’s human development programme. B. Braun also provides an e-learning platform ensuring the right learning journey and career growth for every unique employee when and where they want to learn. 

Mr. Sayan Roy, Managing Director, B. Braun (Thailand) Ltd. said, “We are proud to be recognised as one of the Best Companies to Work for in Asia for the third consecutive year. 

With the foundation of our culture that is built on trust, accountability, and diversity, we have worked hard to build a diverse and inclusive culture and fostering a work environment that focusses on employees’ needs, thus opening up opportunities for their learning and career growth.

As a global healthcare company established over 180 years with over 66,000 employees worldwide, our people are the cornerstone to everything that we do, and we all have the same purpose – to protect and improve the health of people around the world. As a true partner, we develop smart solutions and set standards to improve healthcare.

Finally, a vote of thanks to the leadership team and the entire organisation who continue to believe in our vision.  Being named a “best company to work” is even more significant since the award is based on employees’ feedback. We are humbled and will continue to evolve with the times to nurture and empower our workforce.”

For more information about B. Braun, visit www.bbraun.co.th or follow Facebook and YouTube.

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