"KONE" Showcases "KONE DX Class"
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"KONE" Showcases "KONE DX Class"

Elevator and Innovative Solutions for Smart and Sustainable Buildings Meeting Thai Smart City and Building Investment Needs

KONE, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry from Finland showcased the world’s first digital elevator series, DX class elevators, at Thailand Smart City Expo 2022 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center from 30 Nov. to 2 Dec.

With built-in connectivity as standard, KONE DX Class elevators bring a new user experience to life through a combination of design, technology, new materials, apps and services that meet the investment needs in Thai smart cities and buildings. 

Mr. Edward Loy and Miss Sirapat Trinvuthipong

Mr. Edward Loy, Managing Director, KONE Southeast Asia referenced immense development opportunity available in Thailand. “Countries around the world are moving towards becoming smart and sustainable cities covering convenience and safety to enhance the quality of life of citizens and increase the potential of government agencies and the private sector through the use of technology and innovation to meet the needs of citizens and cities,” he said. “Thailand is high on the agenda and is in line with the government's push for smart cities with the Thailand 4.0 policy. This has resulted in a wide range of concrete urban developments with more than 30 smart city areas in 23 provinces, and the trend continues to increase. Public and private sectors are learning and finding ways to develop and adapt to suitably upgrade cities into smart cities to keep up with the world's three megatrends: urbanisation, technology and sustainability. So, urban developers seeking to invest in smart cities or develop businesses to support these trends early on have significant opportunities in the long run.”

Mr. Edward Loy

KONE has adopted these three megatrends into its 2021-2024 strategy, products, solutions and service development to support the transformation of smart cities, meanwhile meeting the needs of investors and understanding the future global trends specifically, enabling product and service development to meet the trends. KONE also provides consulting services and assistance in planning building development at all levels, not only new buildings but also existing buildings that need to upgrade or modernise to support smart buildings and future innovations, save energy and improve safety.  

"We constantly innovate to meet the needs of the changing environment and customer with a clear mission to improve the flow of urban life and a vision to create the best people flow experience,” added Mr. Edward. “We aim to make cities better places to live by being a part of urban development and driving urban life toward smart and sustainable cities.”

Miss Sirapat Trinvuthipong, Director of Sales in Services and Modernization, KONE Thailand, commented during a panel discussion entitled “Smart City Investor Perspective” at Thailand Smart City Expo 2022 that: “To fulfil customer needs in smart cities, investors who enter this market need to adapt fast, be open to new trends and learn to step outside their comfort zone to implement new initiatives. This can accelerate their path to develop the right capabilities, use their existing strengths and develop innovative solutions to support smart cities growth."

Miss Sirapat Trinvuthipong

“Smart City Investor Perspective” panel discussion at Thailand Smart City Expo 2022

KONE offers a wide range of smart and sustainable solutions that meet the needs of the smart city. “KONE DX Class Elevator”, the world's first smart elevator with built-in API connectivity which enables the elevator to connect with applications like robots and other digital technologies seamlessly, meets all the needs of smart buildings. “KONE 24/7 Connected Services”, an intelligent predictive maintenance service with AI assists efficient maintenance actions, reduces downtime and enables better & safer flow through high-end buildings. The status is monitored in real-time via KONE Online and the KONE Mobile application. "KONE Advance People Flow Solutions", an innovative building control and access solution that works seamlessly with elevators and other equipment enhances safety and convenience and cuts down on travel time. For existing buildings, KONE offers "elevator upgrades and modernization services" to enhance safety, give a smoother ride and customer experience and support future functions in smart and sustainable buildings.

KONE DX Class Elevator

KONE 24/7 Connected Services, Mobile App

KONE DX Elevator and partner’s robot

For more information, please visit, https://www.kone.co.th/en/.

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