7-11 Goes Green
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7-11 Goes Green

Cuts 54 million kilowatt-hours equivalent to planting 540,000 trees a year

CP All Public Company Limited, the sole operator of 7-Eleven stores and 7-Eleven Delivery committed to society development and environmental sustainability. The company has driven its 7 Go Green strategy as well as complying with the government’s new “BCG” (Bio-Circular-Green) economic model by developing innovations to reduce energy consumption in 7-Eleven stores and delivery services.

Mr. Wichien Jungviroj, Managing Director (Co) of CP All Public Company Limited, said, “CP All strongly committed to run our business under sustainability framework by implementing a strategic plan to drive Thailand’s BCG economic model for 2021-2026. This will enable sustainability of resources and biodiversity, enhance balance between conservation and utilisation, and promote renewable energy in terms of store design, store management, and efficient energy management under the concept of “24-hour stores for the environment”. We also help raise awareness of climate change and global warming  while improving our work processes to prevent negative impacts on the environment along with sustainable social  development.”

Throughout 2022, CP ALL has developed energy-saving innovations under the 7 Go Green policy, resulting in reducing electricity consumption by over 54 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by over 23,328 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e), equivalent to planting 542,511 perennial trees. The actioncomprises:

1. Inverter Air Conditioners: Using air conditioners certified with a 3-star number five label from EGAT, the highest level, which can reduce energy consumption by 14,400 kWh/branch/year and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 6.22 tCO2e/branch/year, equivalent to planting 144 trees per year.

2. High Efficiency Vault Rooms: Using high-efficiency vault rooms reduces energy consumption by 2,544 kWh/branch/year and greenhouse gas emissions by 1.10 tCO2e/branch/year, equivalent to planting 25 trees a year.

3. LED Lighting: Using 12.5-watt LED bulbs, 2,300 lumens, saves more energy than conventional LED bulbs, reduces energy consumption by 15,888 kWh/branch/year, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 6.86 tCO2e/branch/year, equivalent to planting 159 trees a year.

4. Solar Rooftops: Installation of solar panels to produce electricity to be used in the store can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10.37 tCO2e/branch/year, equivalent to planting 241 trees a year.

5. EV Charging Stations: In collaboration with the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), Energy Absolute Public Company Limited (EA), and Mercedes-Benz (Thailand), the company currently has 24 charging stations for electric vehicles it has installed to support expansion of electric vehicle ownership. 

6. EV Bikes for 7-Eleven Deliveries: At least 700 motorcycles for delivery use 100% electric power and so give out no air pollution.

7. Centralized Open Showcase: Using two refrigerators per condenser unit reduces energy consumption by 11,664 kWh/branch/year and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 5.04 tCO2e/branch/year, equivalent to planting 117 trees a year.

8. Manufacturing office supplies from recycled material  and recycled plastic This helps ensure environmentally friendly operation by reducing waste from industrial processes and pollution from waste incineration.  CP All  executives  committed to develop environmental friendly innovations, increase work efficiency and energy conservation, and create awareness of natural resource use. All this and more is in line with the goals of the Charoen Pokphand Group toward net zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050, reflecting the organisation’s determination to “  Giving and sharing opportunity  

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