A New Way of Energizing Yourself!
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A New Way of Energizing Yourself!

A revolution in personal oxygen consumption is unfolding all over as Bio Raw Co.,Ltd. leads the charge in Thailand with Oxygen Booster

Mr. Rati Ironside and Ms. Araya Banlang
Mr. Rati Ironside and Ms. Araya Banlang

A Thai-startup has launched "Oxygen Booster", a portable oxygen supplement manufactured to German standards for health-conscious consumers which is targeting 200 million baht in sales revenue by the end of this year, of which 60% will come from the domestic market and 40% from exports.

“Bio Raw Co., Ltd. is a company that manufactures and distributes portable supplemental oxygen under the brand ‘Oxygen Booster’,” says Mr. Rati Ironside, the Founder. “It is a portable and easy-to-use oxygen cannister that has been available in the market since mid-2022. Oxygen Booster is considered Thailand’s first locally produced portable supplemental oxygen device. This year, Bio Raw will be focusing on social media marketing as well as penetrating the hospital sector. The sales target is set at 200 million baht, 60% of which will come from the domestic market and 40% from export.”

The launch of the supplemental oxygen was inspired by the severe COVID-19 virus outbreak in 2021 which made the whole world more aware of the necessity of having access to supplemental oxygen. Thailand started importing canned oxygen from China and Taiwan. However, the quality of those imported products was not world-class. Although the market for supplemental oxygen is still untapped, Bio Raw sees it as an opportunity to create a market for a product that is becoming more important in daily life.

“Oxygen Booster” supplemental oxygen products

“Oxygen Booster” is quality produced to meet international standards. The company has chosen to use oxygen from a German manufacturer, which is a leading producer of medical oxygen with over 130 years of experience. The oxygen-filling plant has also been certified to GMP standards of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the quality of the oxygen inside the canister has been certified by the world-renowned laboratory Atlantic Analytical Laboratory of the USA. Therefore, Oxygen Booster is considered the only supplemental oxygen brand in Southeast Asia which has the Oxygen Quality Certification.

“As an experienced nature and travel photographer, I have had many opportunities to travel around the world,” reveals Mr. Rati. “Wherever I go, I usually pay a visit to local supermarkets to check out products on shelves. When I was in the United States, a country with just a little air pollution outside the cities, I noticed canned supplemental oxygen in the supermarkets. However, Americans are very active in outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, hiking and so on and supplemental oxygen helps make adventure activities much more fun and very safe.”

Mr. Dane Cantwell, Country Manager of Jetts Fitness Thailand, and Jetts’ coaches use “Oxygen Booster” in their cycling class.

Ms. Araya Banlang, Co-Founder & General Manager of Bio Raw, adds that, “Another most important point about Oxygen Booster supplemental oxygen is the ease of use, especially when the body immediately needs oxygen. Therefore, Oxygen Booster has been designed to have a built-in operating mask cap that can easily be activated by just one-finger. The mask also has a curve that is specially designed to fit the face. The company has also filed a patent for its mask design. Therefore, in the future, if there are new rivals in the market, the mask design would be one of the main factors for customers to make sure they only buy Oxygen Booster, as it cannot be imitated. In terms of packaging, the company uses a special type of aluminium that can withstand high pressure, so it can contain more oxygen and customers don't have to worry about oxidised rust inside the bottle. Additionally, all plastic components are made from food-grade materials to ensure safety for the user.”

“The company wants to make supplemental oxygen a product for everyone; for all genders and ages, just like drinking water. Although oxygen is something that can be obtained for free, Oxygen Booster is an extra benefit for health conscious people to use in their daily life.”

“Oxygen Booster can be used to increase oxygen levels during the day to refresh and energise our bodies. Initial marketing has been directed to sports enthusiasts, athletes and polluted city dwellers who know the benefit of extra pure oxygen. Extra oxygen to the body can help them recover faster and quickly resume their activities.”

Mr. Rati Ironside (second left) and Ms.Araya Banlang (center) recently visited H.E. Mr Khamphan Anlavan, Ambassador of the Lao PDR to introduce “Oxygen Booster” and get advice in order to enter in to the Lao P.D.R. market.

The company has marketed the product among those who are well-known among athletes and sports enthusiasts such as Mr. Rafael Montero, a fitness training specialist with the Thailand National Football Team, the Thai Premier League’s Ratchaburi FC Football Club, Thailand National Cyclists, Thailand National Ice Hockey Team, MMA boxers and the National Institute for Emergency Medicine. Furthermore, Oxygen Booster is trusted by the world-class clothing and sports equipment brand Under Armor as a helper for athletes who joined the ‘CrossFit Combine’ program in October last year. This year, it plans to expand into the circle of badminton, tennis, cycling and running.

In 2023, the company plans to expand its reach to pregnant mothers, seniors and those with post-Covid symptoms. These people potentially relate to shortness of breath, so they can easily become fatigued and unenergetic. These days, everyone still has to wear a mask daily to prevent themselves getting COVID-19 or inhaling PM2.5. However, wearing a mask for more than 30 minutes may make some start to feel dizzy and not so fresh due to insufficient oxygen. If one can maintain a good level of oxygen at all times, it will assist in keeping healthy, especially the brain cells. Therefore, having a portable and easy-to-use Oxygen Booster will be normal in the not-so-distant future.

Currently, Big Raw Co.,Ltd. is in the process of appointing Agents in ASEAN, South Korea, Germany and the Middle East.

Oxygen Booster is now available at SuperSports outlets, Ari shops and CCM Thailand as well as on the www. oxygen-booster.com website and all major online platforms including Shopee, Lazada, and Line My Shop.


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