depa and Prachin Buri announce smart city elevation of Si Maha Phot
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depa and Prachin Buri announce smart city elevation of Si Maha Phot

depa together with Prachin Buri Province jointly announced the success of the development of Si Maha Phot District to become a smart city as a Smart Living model under the Si Maha Phot Smart Living Showcases Project by applying digital technology and innovation in three important areas. The development aims to improve city quality of life, respond directly to the needs of local people as well as pave the way for a liveable smart city.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nuttapon Nimmanphatcharin, President/CEO of Digital Economy Promotion Agency, or depa, and Mrs. Jarunee Kavin, Chief of Prachin Buri Governor’s Office, announced the success of the Si Maha Phot Smart Living Showcases developing Si Maha Phot District to become a liveable smart city in terms of Smart Living by applying digital technology and innovation.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nimmanphatcharin said, “The success of the project is thanks to the collaboration of all sectors in the area in finding solutions for city life enhancement. The project integrates high quality and standardised digital technology and innovation developed by Thai digital startups registered with depa. The digital technology and innovation are then applied to solve the city’s pain points and respond to the needs of the people at the right point.”

He identified three important related areas, namely:

· Security – Installing an additional 30 CCTVs connecting to existing CCTVs and intelligence systems to increase tracking and governing efficiencies and detect abnormalities before analysing and processing the data. This is to enhance safety of life and property for people and increase traffic management efficiency. In addition, an LED billboard installation publicises and communicates news and Smart City updates of benefit to people in the area.

· Education – Providing digital upskilling activities to 60 teachers from Si Maha Phot School and Mathayom Watmaikrongtong under Princess Sirindhorn Patronage School. The programme includes 21st century skills development training and Si Maha Phot Education digital education showcases. These equip teachers to apply the technologies and capitalize on 21st century skills. The skills can then be integrated in teaching and learning to achieve the most effective studying formats for students in the digital era.

· Public Health – Encouraging and supporting medical personnel and village health volunteers (VHVs), enabling them to apply medical devices to record and monitor elderly health data. These include at least 200 patients under the supervision of Si Maha Phot District Public Health. The data is recorded in a CM Square tracking system for dependent care people, and is then used to formulate prompt, accurate, comprehensive and more efficient care plans for the elderly and patients.

“In driving the development of Si Maha Phot to become a liveable smart city, we still need to work together to set common goals for local people that can drive the future of Si Maha Phot Smart City,” said depa’s President/CEO. “Having the architectural design of a new city and creating a City Data Platform will be important aids to expanding the project from Smart Living to other Smart areas.”

Mrs. Jarunee stated that, “All Si Maha Phot people wish to see positive changes in the area. They want a better quality of life and wellbeing. They hope it will extend and enhance the district’s potential making it a role model for sustainable Smart Living for neighbouring areas and other cities. We hope to see more parties apply the lessons learned and embrace them as mechanisms to drive and develop their own smart city areas in accordance with the needs and lifestyles of the communities in different areas.”

In 2023 depa plans to expand the a smart city model as guidelines to spread Smart Living in five provinces and develop more smart cities around the country.

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