Solar energy in your corner
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Solar energy in your corner

GreenYellow, the market leader in Thailand and Vietnam in helping businesses win the battle against electricity inflation and climate change by covering every angle

The ongoing inflationary surge of energy prices affects all sectors, from households to industry which is placed in the untenable situation of either having to raise prices and risk losing business or cut margins and risk becoming unprofitable.

Current high energy prices are challenging businesses to find alternative solutions. Sure, governments can interfere with pricing mechanisms to shield consumers and companies from rising energy costs, but such measures tend to deepen the problems in the long run.

In this time of rising government FT (fuel tariff) costs for commercial and industrial businesses, GreenYellow offers attractive solar energy and energy efficiency solutions. Zeroing in on the industrial side of the equation, GreenYellow helps large consumers of electricity such as factories plot a path to a sustainable future.

Through GreenYellow’s BOOT (build, own, operate, transfer) model, business doesn’t have to bear the brunt of the investment. GreenYellow’s one-stop energy service solution includes financing, designing, constructing, installing, operating and maintaining solar cell systems and energy-intensive equipment (such as cooling systems, lighting, air compressors) tailored to the customers’ needs, thereby saving customers investment and operational costs.

In line with the Bio-Circular-Green Economic Model (BCG) promoted by the Thai government, GreenYellow’s smart 360° energy optimisation approach decreases energy consumption in the client’s facilities by optimising usage of high-efficiency equipment. Additionally, GreenYellow invests in solar plant (rooftop, farm, floating, carport) for its customers and sells them green electricity at a cheaper rate than the grid over a fixed time span, after which the project becomes the client’s asset. And all while offering a high level of alignment with company culture, full control over processes and operational structure, sharing knowledge and insights, and giving businesses greater agility.

After studying the customer’s electricity consumption and behaviour, GreenYellow designs each solar cell system to suit the customers’ energy consumption demand with an eye to optimising electricity cost savings. Customers can monitor their energy consumption monthly, so they can actually see the improved efficiency in consuming energy. Optimum energy management solutions translate into guaranteed system performance that shows up as the difference between forecast and actual energy cost.

As the solar energy systems are 100% financed by GreenYellow, the company ensures that each installation achieves optimum energy-saving performance. Constant monitoring and fine-tuning by GreenYellow experts ensures the system works according to international safety standards and that regular maintenance is provided.

With over five years’ experience, the formula has proved a sure-fire success. As of the end of 2022, GreenYellow had 120 clients in Asia, including 60 in Thailand, with total installed capacity of 340 MWp, of which Thailand accounts for 170 MWp. Among the 324 sites in Asia, the 177 sites in Thailand enable electricity cost savings for GreenYellow’s clients of up to THB 330 million per year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 85,000 tonnes/year.

GreenYellow acquires solar farm in Vietnam

GreenYellow Vietnam recently completed the acquisition of the Vietnamese subsidiary of Qair, a French independent renewable energy producer. This is in addition to its 70% stake in a 49.5 MWp solar farm operating in Binh Dinh province of Vietnam. The acquisition is GreenYellow’s first utility-scale solar asset in ASEAN, completing its 280+ MWp existing portfolios of C&I private PPA. The acquisition allows GreenYellow to shift gears in terms of scale and development in the ASEAN region.

New shareholder – new perspectives

GreenYellow never stands still. Recently, Ardian completed an acquisition of a 75% stake in GreenYellow through its infrastructure fund. The reinvestment in the company’s capital by its historical shareholders, Groupe Casino, Tikehau and Bpifrance, shows their renewed trust in the company. Ardian’s entry as a majority shareholder and the enhanced financing capabilities it brings enables GreenYellow to further develop its growing renewable assets portfolios.

Going forward, GreenYellow aims to double its footprint in Asia within three years and targets doubling the number of projects in Thailand to 300 within 2025.

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