Tech Mogul William Wang reiterates the need to upskill ahead of the recession

Tech Mogul William Wang reiterates the need to upskill ahead of the recession

When it comes to the art of making money, there are no secrets for Singaporean Entrepreneur William Wang. Now in his late 20s, William has been having massive success in the startup world irrespective of the market conditions. In an interview about how to navigate and achieve success in different market conditions, the young entrepreneur shares that the key lies in preparation ahead of market changes and this is achieved through constant upskilling.

The first step towards upskilling starts with education. In his latest book, “Crypto for Dummies”, William Wang educates people of all ages about how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will revolutionise the world and the way banks operate. The book delves into the intricacies of the technology using a lingo that is familiar to audiences of all ages. Co-authored with the CEO of Meta World Development Co., Ltd, Arounen Murdhen, the book explores the potential of blockchain technology and prepares individuals in different walks of life ahead of impending market changes.

Also as part of their book, the duo share their guide to successfully identifying good cryptocurrency projects.

“Crypto for dummies” is a book that has been conceptualised and written for anyone who wants to grow and embrace the benefits that web 3.0 technology can offer.

Having made much of his fortune from the world of web 3.0, William Wang encourages investors and entrepreneurs to educate themselves about the technology in order to prepare themselves for the new world. Keeping in mind the growth of the blockchain ecosystem, and the education of individuals, William has founded two news outlets: and These news outlets lay heavy emphasis on bringing the latest news of the blockchain world to you while educating you on the trends in the space. Starting these news outlets has always been a dream of William Wang. Being altruistic by nature and having understood the need to give back since an early age, the young entrepreneur started these two channels in order to share this passion of his with others and enable them to upskill themselves using the free resources that the platforms offer. Forksdaily and Coinmicroscope are channels that are managed by a team of highly driven individuals with the goal of bringing unbiased news from the world of blockchain technology.

In line with the need to upskill ahead of impending market changes, William Wang also invites individuals from around the world to discover Onestopthai is a blog-based website comprising multiple sections covering visa processes, investments in Thailand, tourist attractions and the kingdom’s healthcare system. The blog has been conceptualised in order to facilitate anyone’s journey in Thailand, be it as an entrepreneur, student, tourist or even a retiree.

The spotlight of the platform is on the investment section where William and his team have picked the best investment avenues for people around the world. Thailand being a growing economy is a source of massive revenue potential for investors. Through the platform, William educates people about investment in multiple industries, including real estate, farming, entertainment and others.

William Wang is currently co-authoring another book with Arounen Murdhen, with the aim of encouraging the adoption of blockchain technology and enabling people from different walks of life to tap into the industry’s potential.

“Into the Metaworld” focuses on the core of blockchain technology and demonstrates the intricacies of this revolutionary world. Through this book, the authors aim to share their experience in the industry with readers and help them bridge the gap that will allow them to thrive in any market conditions. “Into the Metaworld” equips you with the knowledge that you need to navigate through the different protocols of the industry. It’s a guide to identifying pain points in the traditional world and enables readers to use the author's acquired knowledge to soothe them through the use of smart contracts and blockchain technology.

Well known for his flair for identifying growing markets, William shares that while the upcoming recession will be painful for many, it will also create multiple opportunities for those who are prepared to face it. Preparation starts now. He reiterates the need for education and upskilling in order to tap into those various opportunities that will present themselves.

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