Meat & Livestock Australia launches "Aussie Pies - It's Just Better"
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Meat & Livestock Australia launches "Aussie Pies - It's Just Better"

Campaign celebrates Australia with five exclusive Aussie beef pies created by leading pastry chefs in Thailand

“The Aussie Pies - It's Just Better" campaign celebrates Australian culture and one of Australia’s favourite foods for one month in Thailand.

Australian culture and cuisine are influenced by many people around the world and this campaign is no different. It will feature a mixture of beloved Australian meat pies and some new Thai inspired versions to re-imagine our Australian classic. Using premium Australian beef and crafted by leading pastry chefs in Thailand, the special pie campaign runs from January 26th to February 26th, 2023. The pies made by five collaborating chefs are created with the Australian values of simplicity and bold flavours in mind and made with high-quality ingredients. This month-long campaign is a unique opportunity for pie lovers to try these unique pies and win gifts.

The five exclusive, specially created Aussie Pies using premium Australian beef and lamb are:

Shabu Aussie Beef & Melt Cheese Pie by Chef Natty-Napavadee Payackso of CHA'Sant by Chef Natty

Chef Natty is a Thai culinary sensation with over 100,000 followers on social media. At her restaurant in the Ekkamai area of Bangkok, she offers croissant and pie lovers a variety of mouth-watering options, including the highly sought-after truffle cheese, foie gras truffle, and lobster truffle. Her flaky Shabu Aussie Beef & Melt Cheese Pie offers a powerful savoury punch edged by a delicious hint of sweetness with strong umami notes from the soy sauce and dashi. The rice vinegar and mirin in the shabu sauce give the filling its somewhat tangy and sweet notes. The tender cooked beef and the melty cheese are encased in deliciously flaky pastry.

Green Curry Aussie Beef Pie by Chef Chao-Tawjan Catherine Punyasingh of Bite Me Softly

Chef Chao-Tawjan Catherine Punyasingh bakes Aussie Beef Pies at her business, Bite Me Softly, located in Kai Chae alley in Bangkok. She has a reputation as the queen of baking, gaining popularity through her homemade cake recipe Facebook fan page. With seven years of experience as a supplier for several cafes and restaurants, Chef Chao now offers her unique and creative culinary style at Bite Me Softly, incorporating food culture from around the world into her menu. Her Green Curry Aussie Beef Pie is a unique combination of good quality tender Aussie beef, perfectly flaky pastry and the bold, complex and fragrant spices of the Thai green curry paste. Every bite has a hint of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and green chilli peppers.

Aussie Mince Beef and Guinness Aussie Beef & Mushroom by Chef Michael James Handley and Laongdao Prathumchat of Tinnies Gourmet Pie Café

At Tinnies Gourmet Pies Café in Jomtien, Pattaya, chefs Michael James Handley and Laongdao Prathumchat offer authentic Aussie flavours with their Aussie Mince Beef Pie. The husband and wife team has over 14 years of experience in the pastry and pie-making industry, including operating a small pie shop in Launceston, Tasmania, for seven years and running Tinnies Gourmet Pies Cafe for the past seven years in Pattaya. The couple's expertise is reflected in the reputation Tinnies Pies has gained for being the best pies in Pattaya, as shown by positive feedback from foreign YouTube channels and satisfied customers. Hearty and satisfying, this traditional Aussie Mince Beef and Guinness Aussie Beef & Mushroom has a rich and savoury flavour, with the beef encased in a flaky, buttery pastry crust cooked to perfection, creating a balance between the savoury filling and the pastry. 

Luxury Steak Pie by Bangkok Bob's

Bangkok Bob’s, located on Soi Sukhumvit 71 in Bangkok, offers a unique dining and shopping experience. As a restaurant and importer of high-quality meats and ingredients, it offers a selection of Western dishes prepared by the chef using the customer’s choice of ingredients. From Beef Stroganoff to Meat Croquettes to Cottage Pies made with Australian beef and mashed potatoes, there are various options for meat lovers. Bangkok Bob’s famous luxury steak pie is known for its unique balance of flavours. It is a rich, delicious and well-seasoned treat that is hearty and satisfying.

Massaman Aussie Beef Pie and Khao Soi Aussie Lamb Pie by Chef Gun-Patinya Srithong from CRAFT at Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok

Chef Gun-Patinya Srithong is an experienced culinary professional specialising in fusion cuisine. He has honed his skills working in top kitchens throughout Thailand, including the Michelin-star L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Mohegan Sun, and Wine Connection. Currently, Chef Gun-Patinya can be found experimenting with unique ingredients and blending different cuisines at CRAFT, a perfect spot to enjoy single-origin coffee, craft cocktails and delicious bites. The café’s cosy daytime vibe transforms into a lively bar in the evening, with easy eats and great music. The classic Thai dish of stewed beef in Massaman spices inspires Chef Gun’s Massaman Aussie Beef Pie. The slow-cooked beef flavoured with curry paste, fish sauce, peanuts, coconut, tamarind and more makes for a rich, intensely punchy filling complimented by flaky, buttery pastry. Overall it is a rich, well-balanced pie. Chef Gun’s Khao Soi Aussie Lamb Pie is a revelation. The curried broth that flavours the lamb filling is wonderfully fragrant. The pie has a delicious spiciness that beautifully translates the comforting flavours of one of Thailand’s most popular dishes into a very Aussie Pie. 

Get an exclusive taste of Australia flavoured by the culinary expertise of these five remarkable chefs during the limited-time offer. As a bonus, the first ten customers who spend over THB 1,000 on a signature Aussie Pie will receive a THB 500 gift of Aussie Beef Aprons and Bags. 

To learn more about "The Aussie Pies-It's Just Better" campaign and find out about the participating chefs and restaurants, visit for updates on events and news. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to savour the authentic taste of Australia!  Visit the participating restaurants from January 26th to February 26th, 2023 to taste these exclusive and delicious pies.

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