Tri-wall (Thailand) establishes new factories in Prachinburi and Lamphun
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Tri-wall (Thailand) establishes new factories in Prachinburi and Lamphun

For over 60 years for Tri-Wall group ( and 33 years for Tri-Wall Thailand (, have had three locations in Samutprakarn, Chonburi and Rayong.

Tri-Wall has been synonymous with heavy-duty, high-performance packaging for the automotive, aerospace, military and many other medium- and heavy-industry sectors worldwide. With the backing of Japan’s largest corrugated container company, Rengo Co.,Ltd., the Tri-Wall Group delivers high quality and service-oriented packaging to the global market. 

The Tri-Wall Thailand Group doesn’t miss any opportunity to get exponential growth via greenfield and M&A, and this is our business strategy master plan. We utilise various resources for data analysis such as market opportunities, competition and partners for mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and joint ventures. 

If M&A is not an option, we start to look at ‘greenfields’ moves as the next step. We analyse existing customer locations in order to select suitable places for us. Here’s our Greenfield and M&A Masterplan for the short-term and medium-term.

In the first stage, we received approval from the Board of directors for the Kabinburi Project at Prachinburi Province and the Northern Region Project at Lamphun Province by the end of 2022, with operation commencing on 20 January 2023.  The next stage includes the Ayutthaya and Korat projects, which we plan to operate in the first quarter of 2023.

- Tri-Wall (Thailand) Ltd., Kabinburi Branch at Prachinburi Province

Project status: Operated on 20 January 2023
Factory area: 7,000 SQM.
Address: 99/1 Moo 2, Lat Takhian, KabinBuri, Prachinburi, Thailand, 25110 
Tel : +66 92-8795-293,  FAX  +66-2312-7368, +66-2750-8850
Customers nearby: 4 km. to Rojana Industrial Park, 9 km to 304 Industrial Park
Existing sales: THB50 M (USD1.4M) per annum.
Expected growth: Double in 2023. Up to THB100 M (USD3M) per annum.

- Tri-Wall (Thailand) Ltd., Lamphun Branch 

Project status: Operated on 20 January 2023.
Factory area: 4,200 SQM.
Address: 150, Moo 10, Ban Klang, Mueang Lamphun, Lamphun, Thailand, 51000
Tel : +66 97-240-9669,  FAX  +66-2312-7368, +66-2750-8850
Customers nearby: 5km to Northern Region Industrial Estate
Existing sales: THB60 M (USD1.7M) per annum.
Expected growth: Double in 2023. Up to THB120 M (USD3.5M) per annum.

Message from Terada-san (MD Tri-Wall Thailand)

“At Tri-Wall, we don’t just sell boxes; we offer ‘Total Packaging Solutions’.  Gained over more than half a century of innovation, our accumulated experience and know-how helps companies to reduce their total packaging costs and rationalise material flow and logistics systems.  Tri-Wall’s ‘Global Network’ means rapid, effective response to the demands of an increasingly sophisticated economy; an economy that depends on safe, efficient and environmentally conscious transportation of millions of different products to all corners of the globe.  Tri-Wall is not just another packaging company: “We are The Only One”

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