Breaking! Court issues protection order on “Tantai”
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Breaking! Court issues protection order on “Tantai”

Sondhi to remove all defamatory information immediately!

According to the violence by ‘Sondhi Limthongkul’, the court issued a protection order on ‘Tantai Narongkoon’. The Court decreed eliminating forthwith all defamatory information violating the accuser on all computer networks and social media.

Nitisak Meehuad, Tantai’s lawyer, said later on 3 February 2023, that the Criminal Court accepted the indictment as black case no.อ.302/2566 and the Civil Court has accepted it as black case lawsuit no. พ 553/2566, appointed for a preliminary hearing on 24 April 2023. As Mr. Tantai Narongkoon, CEO of Titan Capital Group Holding, filed civil and criminal petitions against Mr. Sondhi Limthongkul, moderator of “Sondhitalk” on charges of libel and violation of the Computer Crime Act, demanding 1 billion baht in damages at the Bangkok Criminal Court and Civil Court. The CEO pleaded with the court to consider an emergency hearing for temporary protection to call a halt on publicising the defamatory messages and information.

Recently at 14:30 on the same day, the Civil Court considered the emergency hearing and issued a temporary protection order as follows:

According to the investigation of the plaintiff, it is considered that the messages and photos alleged by the defendant were still on the computer system and publicly accessible. The defendant postulated that the plaintiff owned an online gambling website, laundered money and Mining Pro Co.,Ltd., and the plaintiff as a shareholder was involved in the use of illegal electricity. Additionally, it is believed that the defendant would continue his violent movement which could cause incessant damage. Therefore, the petition was sufficiently reasonable and necessary to temporarily protect the accuser’s benefits prior to the judgment.

Accordingly, the defendant is not permitted to broadcast his online TV program “Sondhitalk” and mention or publish any information convincing that the plaintiff owned an online gambling website and laundered money and that Mining Pro Co.,Ltd., plaintiff as a shareholder, was involved in the use of illegal electricity. The order includes blocking and temporarily removing all clips, messages and photos violating and defaming the accuser in the time of investigation and consideration until the court issues an order to change according to the Civil Procedure Code, Section 254(2).

Tantai Narongkoon, CEO of Titan Capital Group Holding, said, “I would like to thank the judicial process for helping a normal person who doesn’t have channels to convince or mislead people and find ways to fight for fairness and protect myself. I have been affected by accusation and this has caused public misunderstanding and massive damages to my businesses and private life. Anyway, today the court has mercy on me. A protection

order has been issued to put a stop to his action violating me. From now on, the matter is in the justice process. I am so ready to fight for the truth to be revealed in public.”

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