ICONCRAFT unveils ‘In Love & In Luck with Craft’
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ICONCRAFT unveils ‘In Love & In Luck with Craft’

Exclusive craft products are set to lift luck in the Year of the Rabbit

To welcome the auspicious Year of the Rabbit, ICONCRAFT – the destination of creative Thai crafts – invites all shoppers to select exclusive craft products at the special event “In Love & In Luck with Craft” on the 4th–5th floors at ICONSIAM and 3rd floor at SIAM DISCOVERY. The well-selected pieces from ICONCRAFT are not only beautifully created by Thai artists but are also auspiciously meaningful in ways believed to bring prosperity to life.

Let’s start with beautiful and lucky home décor items. The maple-shaped brass tray from PHILOS could be a meticulous piece to create a positive atmosphere in your home at the same time as being a symbol of prosperity. You can also find good luck pieces from LUCK YOU. Like its name, the brand offers a wide range of auspicious home décor items such as the gold texts on red signs often seen in Chinese family homes. May we recommend an A5-size knitwork in a wooden frame for an auspicious item of home décor?  You can add blessing words which will be woven with golden thread – perfect as a decoration on your work table or to mount on a wall.

Another brand we love to recommend is SIAM CELADON, featuring porcelain and ceramics products. Among other products, we would like to highlight a two-tier tiffin in a meticulous and durable design. With its wooden holder, it is not only functional but also a beautiful home decoration item. For ceramics lovers, we recommend  pink and red tableware from MO JIRACHAI – well-known for its unique ceramics and minimal-style Thai ceramics porcelain or “Benajarong”. Artist Mo Jirachai created the beautiful flowerpots at the Temple of Dawn in Bangkok and has poured all his talent and hard work into creating new masterpieces, applying high fire techniques to make the pots especially beautiful and durable.

As for office people, we understand what you need too! That’s why we selected AYATANA for our auspicious list. AYATANA offers an innovative fragrance spray that desensitises shoulder pain, relaxes the mind, and soothes office syndrome symptoms. The spray incorporates many useful active ingredients, including Zingiber Cassumunar liquid from small Indian civets, menthol, and essential oils that help you relax and decongest your nose. We especially recommend you try the Pain Relief spray as its scent is unique and refreshing. If you work for too long and start to feel pain or if you often have migraine headaches, this spray could be very effective to reduce the symptoms. Gently massage the spray on your body every day. Keep it at room temperature for the best results.

For those who love to create a relaxed atmosphere at home, lifestyle and spa products from Ruenrom will make everything more refreshing. We recommend the room diffusers which offer various scents, including: Bang Len Scent – inspired from the jasmine garden in Bang Len District which will brighten up your day, and; Mixed Jasmine & Vanilla Scent that could make your day sweeter and happier. The brand seeks to continue the heritage of Thai wisdom by combining Thai traditional ways with modern Thai culture.

To add scent to your home, we would also recommend trying scented candles by THANIYA which uniquely come in creative ceramic designs. The scented candles are made from jasmine rice and the specially blended scents are derived from Thai flowers and herbs, all packaged in a contemporary ceramic design.

Another product worth exploring is Scented Soy Wax Candles in bamboo jars from LAMOON. The products are 100% made from natural ingredients, making them environmentally friendly, better for health, and supporting local economies.

As for those who believe in talismans that are not only beautiful but boost good luck and prosperity, don’t miss accessories from RAVIPA. The durable Korean-imported-nylon bracelets have been religiously blessed to bring luck and prosperity in daily life.

And if you fancy Textile Accessories to boost your luck, CHARM from AIBELLE is another beautiful decoration item worth exploring.

Special privileges will be offered to VIZ Members who shop for products on the 4th and 5th floors at ICONSIAM and on the 3rd floor at SIAM DISCOVERY. When spending meets the criteria, VIZ Members will get a special discount of up to 1,000 Baht from today until 28 February 2023. Shoppers can also browse products on “ONESIAM SuperApp” application available via Android https://bit.ly/3Jm8In6 and iOS : https://apple.co/3FEqy2r. For further details please call 1338 or contact via Facebook: ICON CRAFT

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