Celebrity chef Jeff Ramsey creates new seasonal lunch and dinner menus at Kintsugi

Celebrity chef Jeff Ramsey creates new seasonal lunch and dinner menus at Kintsugi

Seasonal tasting menus available now at Kintsugi by Jeff Ramsey, The Athenee Hotel

Seasonal foods are an essential ingredient of Japanese cuisine, and the time when they reach their period of peak perfection is greatly looked forward to by all food lovers.

Celebrity chef Jeff Ramsey has ushered in new tasting menus for lunch and dinner at Kintsugi Bangkok, featuring seasonal ingredients in a harmonious balance of flavours.

The Lunch Kaiseki six-course set menu is priced at THB 3,500 per person, and served between 11:30 AM and 2:30 PM. Two set Dinner Kaiseki menus are available between 5:30 and 10:00 PM, the nine-course Kin at THB 8,000 per person, and the 10-course Omakase at THB 9,900.

Both of the dinner menus are accompanied by a serving of house-brewed Doburoku sake, made in the same way used by the monks who first created sake in their temples centuries ago, blending steamed rice with koji, water and yeast, and leaving it all to ferment for five days.

Abalone from the Ezo region, which includes Hokkaido, is served raw, cut into miniature dice, with mozuku seaweed and cucumber and a light tosazu vinegar, garnished with shiso flowers for a herbal fragrance.

The winter delicacy of monkfish liver is cured with salt and sake and then steamed before being braised together with salmon belly in a rich soy sauce, unripe plums harvested in the summer and then pickled as a garnish.

Amadai is a fish that has the special quality of scales that stand on end when hot oil is poured over them, becoming very light and crispy. The fish is grilled over charcoal and served with plum salt flakes.

Matsuba crabs are male snow crabs from the northeast coast of Japan. The shells are roasted and boiled with rice and dashi to achieve a flavourful rice. Then the rice is mixed with the crab meat and the parsley-like mitsuba herb.

A5 Kuroge Wagyu tenderloin, topped with sliced black truffle, is served with steam-fried kogomi, or Japanese fiddlehead fern, some crispy burdock root, and Japanese pickle. Next to your beef is an egg yolk cooked at a low temperature for an hour, enjoy by dunking your beef in the yolk mixture.

For dessert, vanilla mousse with a sour yuzu centre comes with a crispy layer of almond and white chocolate below and a matcha Madeline cake at the bottom.

Kintsugi by Jeff Ramsey is located on the 3rd floor epicurean hub at The Athenee Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Bangkok. Reservations can be made at https://www.kintsugibangkok.com/

Athenee Club members receive a discount of 20%, Club Marriott and Marriott Bonvoy members receive a discount of 10%.

For more information or reservation, call 02 650 8800
email: fb.theathenee@luxurycollection.com

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