Co-founders of Meta World Jonah Ng and Panitan Samee take on the real estate industry in Southeast Asia
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Co-founders of Meta World Jonah Ng and Panitan Samee take on the real estate industry in Southeast Asia

The founders behind Meta World are on a roll when it comes to spotting the latest real estate deals, with their latest projects including Siam 9 District and DMK Avenue.

The trio of entrepreneurs – Panitan Samee, Jonah Ng and William Wang – has been revolutionising the world of real estate. Panitan’s in-depth understanding of the Thai economic landscape coupled with Jonah’s and William’s management skills ensure that this dream team turns any real estate project they undertake into gold.

With property prices constantly increasing and the influx of expats coming to settle down in the Thailand, real estate continues to be a wise investment choice in the country. 

Real estate development mogul Panitan Samee shares that the country’s rapid growth rate is bound to have a positive impact on property prices. 

"If well undertaken and optimised to provide the best experience for users, real estate projects are expected to reap positive benefits for their developers,” shares Panitan. 

In an interview with Jonah Ng, the young Singaporean expressed the view that, “Real estate development is an art only known to a few, but once you master it, you can turn any project into gold.”

In pursuit of creating the “Thai Experience” and adding value to the lives of customers, the trio recently undertook development of two shopping centres, namely, DMK Avenue and Siam 9 District. 

Located next to Don Mueang International Airport, DMK Avenue is a community mall spaning over 44,800 square metres. The mall comprises multiple shops and a large wholesale-retail market with an area of 9,600 square meters that can accommodate more than 500 stalls. 

The location is what caught the attention of Panitan and William. Strategically situated next to the airport, the mall will have a metro line going through it and is expected to attract millions of visitors annually. 

Jonah shares that “DMK Avenue focuses on creating an experience for everyone who walks into the mall. This shopping mall is a hub of entertainment and fun for people of all ages.” 

Currently under development, DMK Avenue has already been trending among Thais as the place to be in Southeast Asia once it opens its doors.

The next hot spot in Bangkok is situated on Ngamwongwan opposite Kasetsart University. Previously known as Kaset Village, the dream team behind Meta World has rebranded the shopping avenue as Siam 9 District. With their flair for spotting lucrative deals, the trio saw the avenue’s potential due to its strategic location and accessibility. With the Kasetsart metro station situated within walking distance of the shopping avenue, Siam 9 District is primed to be packed with visitors even during Bangkok’s peak hours. 

The shopping avenue presents as a hub of entertainment for visitors to Thailand. Well-known by the locals as a late-night entertainment venue, the avenue is also popular among foodies and shopaholics during the day. 

In an interview with Jonah, he shares that, ”Siam 9 District is not just an avenue; it is an experience.” 

The team behind Siam 9 District has already on-boarded more than 25 vendors, including renowned Thai bar “20 Something” and famous beauty clinic “Makesover Clinic”.

The goal of the founders behind Meta World is to create an experience for visitors and locals in Thailand alike. While already proving itself in the blockchain sphere, the company is going beyond by investing heavily into multiple projects in Thailand, from DMK Avenue to Siam 9 District and others. In the hands of these determined leaders and artists who have mastered the art of real estate management, the two shopping centres are bound to be among the most prized destinations in Thailand.

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