"Hylife IBC" and "Hylife Global Food" continue proactive course with BOI investment promotion
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"Hylife IBC" and "Hylife Global Food" continue proactive course with BOI investment promotion

Hylife IBC Co., Ltd. and Hylife Global Food Co., Ltd. are affiliates of Hylife Group, headquartered in Chiang Mai.

The companies were founded by Mr. Shubhodeep Prasanta Das, who holds the position of Group Chief Executive Officer, along with foreign and Thai members of the board of directors. The parent company, Hylife Group, Hylife IBC Co., Ltd., was established to offer financial services as well as business planning, consulting and coordination to Hylife Group-affiliated enterprises both in Thailand and internationally. The company recently received investment promotion privileges from the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) in the category of International Business Centre.

Hylife Global Food Co., Ltd. is a food manufacturer and exporter, managed by Dr. Bundit Jumras, Chief Executive Officer, which recently acquired investment promotion from the BOI in the category of food additives and food ingredients. The company uses modern technology known as "Smart Factory Design" which links data from various machines to the Smart Dashboard system to track production efficiency, and can be traced back quantitatively and qualitatively (Traceability System).

Additionally, to gain customer trust, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) has been created to link with the current semi-operational production processes, such as Smart Warehouse Management System (WMS), to support production planning, cost control, and inventory control, so that deliverables are made as scheduled.

FUNCO and FRESHCO are the main product brands of Hylife Global Food Co., Ltd., which include five product categories, namely, dehydrated fruits & vegetables, frozen fruits & vegetables, crispy fruits & vegetables (with vacuum drying process), a snack bar made of fruits, vegetables & grains, and a functional beverage.

Sales from the development of product prototypes and market trials are projected to be around 50 to 60 million Thai Baht.

The company aims to use quality systems like GHP (Good Hygiene Practice), HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), BRC (British Retail Consortium), and global standards as guidelines for designing and controlling production processes. This will result in products that are both tasty and safe, and that meet process control standards all the way from the planting fields to the hands of consumers.

With investment promotion privileges from the Board of Investment (BOI), Hylife Group is determined to grow the labour market and increase income distribution to local communities. We hope that the company's investment in the private sector will contribute to Chiang Mai's economic growth and help enable it to be sustainable and competitive.

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