Azure Rich, Siam LBS unveil new hybrid construction technology
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Azure Rich, Siam LBS unveil new hybrid construction technology

‘Evolutions’ promises to save time and manage quality and while being environmentally sustainable

Resort bungalows are 95% factory made and installed in less than half the time of traditional onsite construction.
Resort bungalows are 95% factory made and installed in less than half the time of traditional onsite construction.

Azure Rich Group (ARG), a Thai-Australian international property development group, signed an MOU with Siam Lucky Building System (Siam LBS), a modular construction subsidiary of Siam Steel International PCL in Thailand, for an internationally co-developed state-of-the-art technology in the area of high-speed hybrid construction.

Using the technology brand ‘Evolutions’, implementation will start with ARG’s resort chain projects. Modular/Hybrid construction technology promises to save time, manage quality and offer more environmentally sustainable construction solutions.

ARG’s 4-billion-baht flagship project, ‘Nebu Residences Jomtien’, is now under construction. It forms part of Asia Pacific Resort Chain ‘Nebu World’ comprising 950 keys in Na Jomtien, Sattahip, Chonburi, Thailand.

Resort bungalows are 95% factory made and installed in less than half the time of traditional onsite construction.

Using the combined resources of the ‘Evolutions’ team, including Siam LBS, Thai contractor Pacific Rim Rich Group Co., Ltd., and international architects Greenarc (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the project includes some full factory pre-made buildings, some hybrid (modular and traditional) buildings, and some traditional construction.

Australian architect Mark Tanner (founder of Greenarc International (Architecture) Group) a co-creator of the technology, said, “As the tourism industry comes back with a vengeance in Thailand and many other countries globally, the construction industry is hit with difficult deadline expectations from hotel owners and developers trying to expand facilities to meet current and projected tourism demands. ‘Evolutions’ is a combination of over 20 years of experience by our three groups and born out of a common objective to save time, manage quality and develop more environmentally sustainable construction solutions.”

Siam LBS was established in 1998 and has a solid track record across sectors including construction. For over 25 years, the company has been focused on modular and prefabricated construction technology in a wide range of significant projects, including for the tourism industry. Locations include Japan, Australia and Dubai as well as Thailand.

Greenarc International Group was established in Australia in 2000 and Thailand in 2010. It has over 10 years’ experience in developing modular and high-speed modular construction technology with a design edge, including registering patents in Australia, and has extensive international project experience.

Thai businessman Kitichai Kunanantakul, managing director of Siam Lucky Building System’s business unit, Siam Steel International PLC, revealed, “We have seen a move over the last several years internationally and within Thailand, where demand for the superior time saving and quality control of this technology is starting to grow and its market share in the construction industry is rapidly increasing. Siam LBS has for the last 25 years been heavily involved in

hybrid construction in the condominium industry, providing pre-made bathrooms. We also see opportunities in sectors such as hospitality where pre-made construction saves so much time, project financials are improved overall, and completion time to generating revenue are faster.”

“As the population ages and labour shortages are already becoming evident globally, and with global warming and all the issues that brings to construction, it is logical that the industry will evolve in parallel with the rise of technology. The construction industry is a very traditional industry and has been slower than others to evolve alongside the advantages of technology, but its time is certainly coming now.”

“Investors throughout the world are now looking for green and sustainable investments. Many large hedge funds and institutions globally have ever-increasing mandates that are driving the funds they manage in these directions across all sectors, including in property. Meanwhile, governments around the world are steering planning and construction regulations in the same direction, thereby closing the gap for unsustainable development and construction practices on an environmental level.”

ARG, established in 1996 in Thailand and 2000 in Australia, co-founder and managing director in Thailand, Dr. Supareak Charlie Chomchan, commented that, “We are happy to be moving in a financially and environmentally sustainable direction in the development of our Asia Pacific Resort Chain with the assistance of smart technology. The faster our asset can commence operations, the greater the return on investment that can be achieved. We hope equity investors and property purchasers see our vision and support initiatives like ours and others in the market. This will create awareness and a sense of urgency that the technology is one of the keys to successfully moving toward sustainability and profitability for all stakeholders.”

A model of Nebu World Resort, a 950-room flagship project in Na Jomtien, Sattahip, Chonburi, Thailand.

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