King's Bangkok to launch A-Level programme in August 2023
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King's Bangkok to launch A-Level programme in August 2023

Preparations for students to gain admission to top universities worldwide take a leap forward

King’s College International School Bangkok announces the opening of its A-Level programme, starting with Year 12 in August 2023 and subsequently Year 13 in August 2024, marking a significant milestone in the school’s commitment to providing a world-class education to students in Bangkok.

Mr. Andrew Halls, Honorary Principal and former Head Master at King's College School, Wimbledon, said, “Education may not change as much as people think, but the heart of education is developing a love of knowledge and the capacity for using it well. A-Levels are highly valued by leading universities around the world as they enable children to deeply explore three or four of their favourite subjects, one or more of which may go on to be the basis of university studies and perhaps even a profession. A-Levels typically take two years to complete and are usually studied by students aged 16-18 years."

At King's Bangkok, Mr. Halls believes that key components for the success of A-Levels are in place through the close-tie relationship with King's College School, Wimbledon.

"You need good teachers to help children get the best out of their A-Level studies - teachers who inspire and create in their students a love of the subject and a passion for researching it in depth. At King's Bangkok, we have very high numbers of teacher applicants, and great care goes into selecting the very best teachers for every subject, with the final interview carried out by King's Wimbledon."

"Drawing on the expertise and success of King's Wimbledon, once again ranked the most successful boys' or co-ed school in the UK for A-Level and International Baccalaureate (IB) results, King's Bangkok is uniquely positioned to offer students outstanding university guidance. With extensive experience in the UK, US, and other national university systems, King's Wimbledon has developed a wealth of knowledge that will be shared with King's Bangkok to provide the best possible guidance to students," said Mr. Halls.

According to Mr. Matthew Gibson, the Deputy Head (Senior School) at King's Bangkok, the school will offer A-levels with a broad selection of nearly 20 subjects, including the core Mathematics, Sciences and Humanities, as well as Business Studies, Economics, Computer Science, Psychology, Drama and Theatres, Music and multiple modern foreign languages for Year 12 students to choose from.

King's Bangkok’s A-levels will also include a co-curricular programme, an extended research project (EPQ), and a "Living in the Modern World" curriculum programme designed especially for students growing up with an international focus and, in particular, Thailand.

"Every student can choose what they would like to study since the primary advantages of A-levels are the level of in-depth study and the increased flexibility to suit all students. This way, students can enjoy academic excellence as well as other experiences outside the classroom through our co-curricular programme, be it activities, sports, drama or art, for lifelong learning and personal growth," said Mr. Gibson.

Professor Sakorn Suksriwong, DBA, Chairman of the Executive Committee at King’s Bangkok, has emphasised the significance of A-levels for secondary school students aspiring to attend renowned universities worldwide.

“Upon discovering the achievements of A-level students at King's Wimbledon, I learnt that they not only secured places at Oxford, Cambridge, and other Russell Group universities in the UK but also at leading universities in the US such as Harvard, Yale, Brown, UCLA, and NYU, " he said.

"I realised that this curriculum would be the ideal choice for King's Bangkok's sixth-form students – the final two years of the senior school. Being able to select three or four subjects that they love will not only inspire them to work hard, but also reduce stress by allowing them to focus on their passions rather than spending time on subjects they may not be interested in,” said Professor Sakorn.

King’s Bangkok Chairman of the Executive Committee expressed his appreciation for the experienced A-level teaching staff, acknowledging their vast expertise in delivering top-quality education. "Several of the staff members are alumni of prestigious universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, serving as Heads of Mathematics, Science, Humanities, and History. Additionally, King's Bangkok is fortunate to have subject specialists who previously taught at King’s Wimbledon and other esteemed schools worldwide; there are six teachers who taught at King’s Wimbledon alone and now work at King's Bangkok."

"Mr. Andrew Halls, the Honorary Principal at King's Bangkok, is an opinion leader in UK education. He has received the Best Head award and is the only Head Master who has won The Sunday Times School of the Year award at two different schools. In fact, when Mr. Halls was Head Master at King’s Wimbledon he was the one who decided on A-levels when we opened King's Bangkok. So, with A-levels set to start this August 2023 and Mr. Halls on board, I am confident that his experience will undoubtedly contribute to the success of King's Bangkok’s A-levels and to its roadmap towards being one of the best schools in Asia," said the professor.

King's Bangkok is confident that this program will provide our students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to succeed in higher education and beyond. The school looks forward to welcoming the first cohort of A-level students in August 2023 and to seeing them thrive in an exciting new chapter of their academic journey.

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