Roborock Unveils “Roborock S8 Series”
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Roborock Unveils “Roborock S8 Series”

Best-ever smart robot vacuum cleaner a perfect match for new-gen lifestyles

Roborock, the world-class smart robotic vacuum and mop cleaner brand, has unveiled the latest Roborock cleaning vacuum model “Roborock S8 Series” under the concept ‘New Innovation for the Ultimate Level of Cleaning’. The Roborock S8 Series is billed as the most intelligent robot vacuum and mop cleaner ever produced to elevate an efficient house cleaning to the new peak.

The Roborock S8 Series is innovatively complete with advanced technologies and cutting-edge features to support full-scale home cleaning functionality. The next-generation robot vacuum cleaner model is sophisticatedly packed with a host of innovative vacuum cleaner features and functions that are designed to enhance deep cleaning and maximise efficient cleaning of your home. The new Roborock S8 Series can deal with all home cleaning issues as the overall functions and design perfectly respond to the lifestyles of people in the modern era, making people forget or less worried about keeping home clean. 

Mr. Krerkchai Tangtrakultham, Managing Director of Roborock Thailand, said “Roborock is a consumer brand that has always prioritised research and development in order to produce a robot vacuum and mop cleaner with the highest efficiency and stable functioning. It is a fundamental element that makes Roborock vacuum cleaner brand excel among players in the market. With the customer-centric strategy utilised, Roborock is always committed to innovating advanced home cleaning solutions to truly meet the needs of target customers. The brand has continuously gathered and used customer insights to improve products and develop new cleaning innovations. This resulted in Roborock's robotic vacuum cleaners growing in popularity and seeing rapid sales growth in Thailand and abroad. Regarding the overall business performance in Thailand last year, the Roborock brand saw impressive accomplishments and overwhelming response from customers thanks to its high-quality products that are available at value prices. Roborock is moving forward to strengthening its leadership position in the smart robotic vacuum and mop cleaner market by launching the new Roborock S8 Series, the smart robot vacuum and mop cleaner to simplify your demanding home cleaning efforts. It has user-friendly features and functions. It helps save your time cleaning at home, making you forget about your home cleaning schedule. In addition to developing top-quality products, Roborock also gives priority to after-sales customer services such as product consulting services and providing general usage guidelines. Roborock also provides a quality warranty for all products. If a customer experiences a technical problem, the customer can immediately contact Roborock administrators to inform them about certain technical issues so that Roborock staff will get the product back to the Roborock service center for an inspection as part of its post-sale management. If the repair and maintenance process takes a long time, Roborock has a substitute device in place for customers to use during the wait time without additional expenses. The goal is to deliver the best user experience and highest customer satisfaction”.

The new Roborock S8 Series is an innovative robot vacuum cleaner that has been manufactured through in-depth research and development with the highest level of manufacturing standard. Its unique selling proposition is that all features, functions and user interface are friendly to all users, providing greater convenience in home cleaning. The Roborock S8 Series is also complete with state-of-the-art innovations and technologies. The next-generation Roborock S8 Series has three variants with different characteristics, comprising the Roborock S8, Roborock S8+ and Roborock S8 Pro Ultra. The Roborock S8 base model comes with the regular charging dock, while the Roborock S8+ features an automatic dust collector called RockDock™ Plus with dust collection efficiency at the HEPA E12 level. It does not require users to frequently replace the dust bag. And the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra variant features an intelligent RockDock™ Ultra charging dock. 

The new Roborock S8 Series is so versatile and comprehensive as it can effectively clean a mop cloth, refill water, perform dust suction and dry vacuum cleaning and wrap up the cleaning with an auto self-cleaning process. All variants are multitasking robot vacuums that are practically designed and feature several cleaning and mopping modes. Exclusively, the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra variant has more interesting technical specifications and features such as the Self-Washing system that will clean the mop cloth both during and after the floor cleaning process. The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra variant also has the auto Self-Emptying system. 

The most advanced vacuum home cleaning devices from Roborock can make you forget about routine home cleaning. You can also easily replace the dust bags. The Self-Refilling system will automatically refill the water and wash the mop cloth when it docks. The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra’s advanced mopping technology can perform wet cleaning for areas up to 300 square meters. It is also equipped with the Dock-Self-Cleaning system in which users are not required to manually clean the charging dock so often. It also has the Self-Drying system for rapid mop cloth drying in order to reduce unpleasant odors from the mop cloth even in wet weather and poorly ventilated ambience. 

The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra also features the Fast Charging system that provides a 30% faster charging as well as the cost-saving and environmentally-friendly “Off-Peak” charging feature. With the advantages of cutting-edge features and advanced cleaning technologies available in the new Roborock S8 Series, your home cleaning effort will be a more fun and enjoyable experience, responding to an evolving lifestyle of people in the digital era.

In terms of marketing strategy, Roborock focuses on building brand awareness and fostering brand image through public relations. Roborock has developed digital content to communicate about users’ experiences with target customers via social media platforms. The Roborock brand also utilises the omnichannel marketing approach to reach out to engaged customers on both online and offline platforms. It also collaborated with key partners in Thailand and world-class e-commerce operators like Shopee, Lazada, NocNoc, LINE Shopping, Central Online and TikTok to effectively help enhance exposure of the Roborock brand and reach out to target customers. The synergetic partnerships have catapulted Roborock to become a top-of-mind, widely recognised brand that target customers can easily access. Moreover, Roborock has never stopped developing new products and services to serve the needs of diverse customers. The company focuses on leveraging advanced technologies and innovations to develop new products as Roborock has always introduced innovative household cleaning devices to better respond to individual requirements of target customers.

“In 2023, the smart home market is expected to continue its growth momentum with a wide range of new products complete with advanced technologies and innovations on the cards. The robotic vacuum cleaner market is forecast to grow 30% year-on-year in 2023. The Roborock brand is expected to still maintain its leadership and No. 1 player in the robotic vacuum cleaner market in Thailand and Asia Pacific on the back of fierce competition in the industry,” said Mr. Krerkchai Tangtrakultham.

The Roborock S8 Series is now available for purchase with a special promotion provided. The Roborock S8 base model is available at 19,999 baht, down from a normal price at 45,999 baht. The Roborock S8+ costs 27,999 baht, down from 66,900 baht. The top-of-the-rank variant “Roborock S8 Pro Ultra” is available at 34,999 baht, down from 81,900 baht. Roborock provides a three-year warranty* for all variants. Online orders can be made at @LineOA, Facebook, Shopee, Lazada, NocNoc : Roborock Thailand. Roborock also has a physical “Roborock Showroom” located on the fourth floor, Mobile & Gadgets Zone, centralwOrld.

Stay updated with all the latest news, tempting promotions and value deals from Roborock, visit and Roborock Thailand: For more information, contact LINE Official: @RoborockThailand or call 02-114-8195 and 082-388-1688. 

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