Arun Plus joins PTT Group's net zero mission with establishment of comprehensive EV ecosystem through global partnerships
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Arun Plus joins PTT Group's net zero mission with establishment of comprehensive EV ecosystem through global partnerships

Arun Plus, a subsidiary of PTT Plc., declared its capability in driving missions towards boosting the country's economy while achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions. Through strategic partnerships, the company is collaborating with leading partners worldwide to develop a comprehensive Electric Vehicle (EV) ecosystem. As part of this effort, Arun Plus plans to launch new EV products, such as E-Buses, lithium-ion batteries, energy storage systems, charging stations, E-Motorcycles, and battery-swap networks.

Dr. Buranin Rattanasombat, Chief New Business and Infrastructure Officer of PTT Public Company Limited, revealed during the PTT Group Tech & Innovation Day 2023 seminar that PTT Group aims to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and has undertaken a series of concrete actions to attain this goal. The initiatives include revenue planning with the ambition of generating at least 30% of profits from new businesses by 2030, and another is establishing an interim target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 50% by 2040. One key approach to achieving these targets is through ARUN PLUS and subsidiaries that will implement an integrated EV Value Chain covering manufacturing and creating an EV business ecosystem to promote the widespread adoption of EVs in Thailand.

Although the EV ecosystem is still in development, Arun Plus has made significant headway in various areas, particularly through partnerships with well-established domestic and international partners. Furthermore, companies under the Arun Plus Group have advanced in establishing a supportive ecosystem to encourage and facilitate EV usage in Thailand. Arun Plus's vision also presents prospects for future growth in the country's economy by engaging in joint investments with partners, pioneering innovation, nurturing new startups, and particularly, fostering the development of Thai automotive parts manufacturers that have the potential to gain worldwide recognition and supply EV industry in the future.

Arun Plus began as a business dedicated to combating climate change, reducing global warming, and lowering PM 2.5 emissions. Thus, Arun Plus is much more than an EV manufacturer; it strives to establish and cultivate a fully integrated EV ecosystem. Its "EV Ecosystem Partnership for Future Mobility" vision involves investing with global and domestic business partners to create innovative clean-energy vehicles and aid Thailand's progress towards a low-carbon society. Additionally, Arun Plus seeks to expand investment in the future automotive industry while supporting the EV business hub status, poised to attract new investments from leading global partners to Thailand.

Until now, the Arun Plus group has been promoting the EV ecosystem in the country through collaboration with various partners. These include partnering with Foxconn to establish Horizon Plus, a joint venture company providing full-service EV manufacturing and assembly, which is currently constructing an EV production plant. Arun Plus has also collaborated with GPSC (Global Power Synergy Public Co., Ltd.) to establish Nuovo Plus, a producer and seller of lithium-ion batteries for EVs, and with GC and IRPC to invest in raw materials using plastic resin to produce auto parts. Furthermore, the company has invested in creating an online application for full-service EV car rental offered by EVme Plus, allowing interested individuals to rent an EV for a test drive before making a purchase decision or for any other desired purpose. Additionally, Arun Plus has established EV chargers outside PTT stations under the “on-ion” brand and partnered with OR (PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Co., Ltd.) to provide charging stations within gas stations and electric car maintenance services with Fit Auto Center. Arun Plus is currently negotiating with CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd.), a world-leading battery manufacturer specialising in lithium-ion batteries for EVs and energy storage systems. The plan for joint production of EV batteries in Thailand is expected to be concluded this year.

Furthermore, the Arun Plus Group has partnered with local businesses to invest in producing E-Buses in sizes of 7 metres, 9 metres, and 12 metres. This collaboration covers vehicle production, maintenance, battery charger installation, and driver training. The company is currently in talks with parts manufacturers from China to supply components, enabling the complete production of E-Buses in Thailand. Also, Arun Plus is planning to produce Smart E-Buses equipped with advanced safety technology, notification systems, and other modern features.

Arun Plus places importance on creating and promoting an ecosystem that supports EV usage throughout the entire process, from production to consumption. This initiative includes creating EV components, such as batteries, motors, and essential electronic parts. Additionally, the company aims to develop EV infrastructure to provide convenient and reliable battery charging stations and maintenance services, catering to the needs of EV users. This year, Arun Plus expects to introduce more battery products and electric bicycles, which it is currently collaborating with international partners on the latter. The company also plans to expand its charging station network and import newly launched EV models, allowing customers to rent or experience a test drive. 

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