Customer Experience Takes Center Stage at Cloudee CX Sphere 2023
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Customer Experience Takes Center Stage at Cloudee CX Sphere 2023

Top Brands and Experts Gather to Share Insights and Best Practices

Cloudee Telecom, is Thailand’s leading cloud strategy and CX consulting partner Organisation. At its core, it empowers businesses to create meaningful engagement with customers via its wide range of on-cloud products.

Our products catalogue is well equipped with business continuity cloud application solutions, primarily segregated into Voice, CRM, Video CX and AI BOT (Voice & Chat).

Cloudee, hosted a successful CX event in Bangkok on 16 March. The event brought together industry experts, thought leaders and business professionals to discuss the latest trends and best practices in customer experience.

The event featured a lineup of keynote speakers from the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) Thailand, Zendesk, Freshworks, and panel discussions had Cloudee customers such as Deemoney, Pomelo Fashions, and Zipevent, all aimed at providing attendees with actionable insights on how to improve their customer experience programs. Attendees were able to network with their peers, exchange ideas, and gain valuable knowledge from industry experts.

"We believe that delivering exceptional customer experiences is crucial for businesses looking to succeed in today's competitive marketplace," said Ankush Bhardwaj, CEO at Cloudee. "Our CX event provided attendees with practical insights on how to create customer-centric organisations that drive business success. We are committed to helping businesses of all sizes create exceptional customer experiences, and we look forward to hosting more events like this in the future. We believe that the success of our CX event is a testament to the importance of CX in today's business landscape, and we look forward to helping businesses achieve their CX goals in the future."

"CLOUDEE CX SPHERE 2023 provided all participants with opportunities to share their knowledge, experiences, ideas and visions on empowering customer experience with well-recognised specialists, experts and senior executives of famous brands. Another highlight of the event was the panel discussion, which featured industry experts sharing their experiences and best practices in delivering exceptional customer experiences. The panellists discussed topics such as customer journey mapping, customer feedback management, and how to use technology to improve the customer experience. Cloudee also gave valuable advice on how to level up customer experience through the use of Cloudee’s innovative solutions and advanced services such as Voice solutions, CRM Cloud Solution, and AI Bot – conversational AI platforms and Video CX (VdeeO) – real time video translation customer service platform.

Cloudee empowers Thailand businesses with the best of Customer Experience technologies to deliver an immersive customer experience with the highest customer satisfaction. Cloudee has created a well-knit integrated environment which enables smart and seamless adaption of new age digital technology coupled with a human centric approach.

Cloudee follows a “Need of business methodology” when consulting with enterprise customers in Thailand. At Cloudee, we understand that every business is different and the way they engage with customers is unique to their specific industry. Thus it becomes important for our consultants to first understand the business vision, then map it to the specific market demands and needs, craft a step-by-step CX enablement strategy, and help enterprises implement the same while focusing on growth of their business and customer base. Cloudee handpicked the SAAS platforms that map to the growing demand of enterprise businesses in Thailand and make them ready to use with minimum

effort and investment on the part of enterprise customers. Cloudee created a ready to use and well-integrated Voice + CRM + AI BOT environment which can be implemented together or one by one, depending on priorities of our enterprise customers in Thailand.

Another unique selling proposition of Cloudee is its manpower and extensive network of world-class partners who stand ready to take care of diverse customers. Indeed, the company has some of the top AI driven customer service platforms looking after multiple dimensions of customer services. Moreover, Cloudee has established a centre of excellence in Bangkok with teams of certified manpower that include CX consultants, architects, and delivery & support personnel who collectively support customers in Thailand.

For more information on Cloudee’s innovative solutions and advanced services, contact Facebook: ClouDee Telecom, Instagram: cloudee_telecom, visit or email: or call 02 821 6500.

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