Official Clarification Statement on Myanmar Yatai International Holding Group Company Limited
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Official Clarification Statement on Myanmar Yatai International Holding Group Company Limited

In recent times, many domestic and foreign media have published false reports and defamatory statements without confirming the facts with our company and fulfilling their investigative obligations. This has caused great damage to the reputation of our company and Mr. She Zhijiang. We believe that these reports are based on inaccurate information and we want to set the record straight. Therefore, we officially issue a statement to clarify the facts for the global public to know the truth and not to believe in rumours or false statements. The following are our official statements, and we reserve the right to pursue legal action against all false reports and malicious rumours.

1.Myanmar Yatai International Holding Group entered Myanmar in 2017 and obtained the Myanmar government's MIC certification. We are a professional enterprise engaged in real estate development and urban construction, and we conduct legal real estate development in the Shwekoko Valley of Karen State, Myanmar, in accordance with the country's laws and regulations. (The attached picture is the company's MIC certification as evidence)

2.The various terms mentioned in online videos, articles, and press releases, such as "KK Park" and "crime heaven”, are completely unrelated to our company and the residents of the area. The zone developed by our company, "Yatai", is a legally recognised zone approved by the Myanmar government. KK Park is not within our development range, and the two are completely unrelated. The accusation that Mr. She Zhijiang is the head of KK Park is not true and is a serious defamation that has caused him severe personal attacks and damage to his reputation. We strongly protest against this.

3.Mr. She Zhijiang obtained Cambodian nationality in 2017 and has been doing business in various Southeast Asian countries in recent years. He officially revoked his Chinese nationality in 2019. We hereby provide evidence that Mr. She Zhijiang is a legal businessman committed to many charitable causes (as evidenced by the attached picture). We declare that Mr. She Zhijiang is no longer a Chinese citizen, and China's request for extradition needs to be evaluated publicly.

4.Since its establishment and operation, Myanmar Yatai International Holding Group has provided relief to orphanages, nursing homes, monks, and impoverished children's education. The company has created more than 100,000 jobs for Myanmar nationals, and these actions have been recognised and commended by the local government on multiple occasions. (Attached is the donation certificate). Furthermore, in December 2020, the Myanmar government planned to upgrade the Shwekoko Valley of Karen State to a city. This upgrade not only recognises Yatai's reasonable and legal urbanisation construction but also affirms the improvement of the local people's living standards brought about by Yatai. (Attached is the proof of city upgrade).

5.Reports that "Yatai is involved in various criminal activities along with other parks" are false and fabricated. These reports amount to slander and defamation under the law. All personnel who come to Yatai have full personal freedom and rights, and incidents such as extortion, kidnapping, and human trafficking have nothing to do with our company. We urge the general public, media, and self-media operators to immediately stop spreading false rumours and retract their impact. Otherwise, our company will resort to legal action to pursue their legal responsibilities.

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