5 Reasons to Join ‘The Food School Bangkok’ to Pursue Your Culinary Passion and Career
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5 Reasons to Join ‘The Food School Bangkok’ to Pursue Your Culinary Passion and Career

The Food School Bangkok offers a vibrant learning community for culinary enthusiasts, providing a wide range of culinary courses in collaboration with esteemed institutes such as ALMA - The School of Italian Culinary Arts, Tsuji Culinary Institute, and Dusit Thani College. Their comprehensive long-term programs cover Italian Cuisine, Italian Bakery & Pastry, Japanese Cuisine, and Thai Cuisine, catering to diverse culinary interests.

One of the school's key strengths lies in its competency-based education, which not only focuses on enhancing students' culinary skills but also cultivates their managerial and entrepreneurial mindset. The curriculum adheres to rigorous standards, leading to the awarding of over 200 Certificates of Attendance to Short Course and Masterclass students since its establishment in September 2022. In 2023, the school aims to continue this success by enrolling more students in their professional Certificated Courses.

Here are five compelling reasons to join 'The Food School Bangkok' and its Professional Culinary Programmes:

1.Advancing towards becoming the 'Hub of Culinary Education in SEA':

The Food School Bangkok, together with its partner institutes, shares the goal of positioning Thailand as the gastronomic centre of Southeast Asia. Leveraging Thailand's well-established food culture, which includes ingredient sourcing and diverse career paths in the culinary field, the school welcomes international students from the United States, ASEAN, and European countries by providing English simultaneous interpretation in classes. By 2023, the school plans to produce 250 professional chefs, contributing to the culinary industry's growth.

2.World-class culinary curricula:

The culinary curricula at The Food School Bangkok mirror those offered by three esteemed partner institutes, starting from ALMA - The School of Italian Culinary Arts based in Italy. ALMA has been internationally recognised as the most authoritative educational centre for higher education in Italian cuisine and hospitality. At The Food School Bangkok, ALMA represents as one of the key investors that established the first flagship school in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, the school has partnered with TSUJI Culinary Institute where is renowned for its 60-year legacy of culinary expertise and tradition from Osaka, Japan. In addition, the school is in partnership with Dusit Thani College, a top-tier institute for hospitality management and authentic Thai cuisine courses since 1993 from Thailand.

By aligning with these esteemed partner institutes, this ensures that students receive an authentic and top-quality education that embodies the true traditions and techniques of these cuisines. Expert Chef Instructors from the partner institutes, along with renowned guest chefs, who bring extensive culinary experiences, mentor and guide students, offering valuable insights into the industry. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of culinary arts, including techniques, ingredient sourcing, menu planning, and culinary entrepreneurship. Upon completion, students receive a Certificate of Achievement recognised by Thailand's Ministry of Education and the partner institute.

3.Progressive learning experiences through competency-based curricula:

The Food School Bangkok places a strong emphasis on competency-based education, enabling students to develop their culinary skills and theoretical knowledge in practical ways. The programmes provide extensive hands-on training in cooking and food preparation, allowing students to apply their skills in real-world scenarios. For example, during the Professional Culinary Arts in Thai Cuisine Certificated Course, students have the opportunity to operate a trial Thai takeaway restaurant. This practical approach equips students not only with exceptional culinary abilities but also with the necessary skills to succeed as food business entrepreneurs in the dynamic world of gastronomy.

4.State-of-the-art kitchens, classrooms, and leisure spaces.:

Covering a spacious 3,200 sqm, The Food School Bangkok boasts state-of-the-art kitchens, classrooms, and leisure spaces, providing students with an immersive learning experience. With eight practical kitchens and three culinary demonstration rooms, fully equipped with professional tools, the school facilitates a wide range of culinary education, including Western, Asian, Bakery, and Confectionery. Additionally, the school offers inspirational leisure spaces such as a comfortable student lounge and a Test Kitchen café area, fostering networking opportunities and socialisation among students, mentors, and like-minded individuals in the food industry.

5.Centrally located in the heart of the city:

The Food School Bangkok is situated in the prime location of Bangkok's Samyan area, offering convenient accessibility through public transportation, such as buses, BTS Skytrain, and MRT. This strategic placement allows students to immerse themselves in the vibrant food communities surrounding the school, including fresh markets, local restaurants, and food festivals.

If you're interested in applying for the Professional Culinary Arts programmes at The Food School Bangkok, they are currently accepting new students for the 'July 2023 intake.' For more information, please contact admissions@thefoodschool.com, call 02-150-8786, or visit the website https://thefoodschool.com

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