TCMA Proposes Climate Action Collaboration Model at UN ESCAP Climate Solutions Fair
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TCMA Proposes Climate Action Collaboration Model at UN ESCAP Climate Solutions Fair

The Thai Cement Manufacturers Association (TCMA), led by its Chairman, Dr. Chana Poomee, proudly presented its achievements in greenhouse gas emissions reduction at the Climate Solutions Fair, held during the 79th Session of the UN ESCAP Annual Conference, organised at the United Nations Conference Center in Bangkok from May 15-19,2023.

Committed to fostering collaboration across all sectors to accelerate sustainable climate development in the Asia-Pacific region, TCMA also took advantage of the opportunity to present its successful model of climate action collaboration to address global warming using hydraulic cement and unveil its plan to drive the cement industry towards achieving Net Zero emissions.

The fair aimed to provide member states and stakeholders with a platform to share successful examples, perspectives, insights, and lessons learned on solutions that can reduce the risks and impacts of climate change while promoting ambitious climate action in Asia and the Pacific towards achieving net-zero pathways.

To prioritise the global climate change agenda, the 79th Session of the UN ESCAP Annual Conference focused on the key topic of "Accelerating climate action in Asia and the Pacific for sustainable development," urging UN ESCAP members to address climate challenges swiftly and sustainably.

TCMA expresses its gratitude to the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and the Department of International Organisations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs for inviting TCMA to present Thailand's progress in greenhouse gas reduction at the Climate Solutions Fair. “TCMA is delighted that the cement industry's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have made a significant contribution to Thailand's NDC targets, and the association is honoured to share these achievements with UN ESCAP members,” Dr. Chana Poomee said.

“This remarkable accomplishment in the Industrial Processes and Product Use (IPPU) sector would not have been possible without strong collaboration, support, and the implementation of low-carbon cement, specifically the hydraulic cement TIS 2594. In 2021, Thailand successfully reduced over 300,000 tons of CO2, setting the stage for achieving the Net Zero emissions target by 2050. This achievement has inspired collaboration from the public, professionals, industrial sectors, and academia, all working together with a defined and actionable roadmap.”

During the Climate Solutions Fair, Dr. Chana Poomee and Mr. Rapee Sukhyanga, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of TCMA, presented the cement industry's climate missions, progress, and targets. They also had fruitful discussions with H.E. Dr. Vijavat Isarabhakdi, Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs of Thailand, and Ms. Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana, Under-Secretary-General of the UN and the Executive Secretary of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), during their visit to the 'THAI CEMENT Climate Action & Progress to Net Zero' exhibition.

"The presentation of our progress at the Climate Solutions Fair during the 79th Session of the UN ESCAP Annual Conference was an excellent opportunity for TCMA to communicate our goals, operations, and strong collaborations with all sectors in Thailand and the region to address the climate crisis. TCMA remains committed to joining forces with all sectors, seeking opportunities to enhance collaboration, strengthen operational capacity, and build an ecosystem for the entire business operation to achieve the ultimate goal of the Thailand Net Zero Cement & Concrete Roadmap by 2050," stated the Chairman of TCMA.

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