True IDC Experience Center launches a learning centre
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True IDC Experience Center launches a learning centre

The first of its kind in Thailand, True IDC Experience Center launches a one-stop learning centre for data centres and cloud technology

True Internet Data Center Co., Ltd. or True IDC, a leader in digital infrastructure services, has launched the True IDC Experience Center, the first learning centre for data centres and clouds in Thailand, located at the True Digital Park West building, under the concept of "Infinite Reflection to Your Digital Journey". The centre offers state-of-the-art media as a glimpse the world of digital life.

Mr. Theerapun Charoensak, General Manager of True IDC, said, "For the past 20 years, True IDC has been developing digital infrastructure services such as data centres and cloud systems and we became a leading service provider in Thailand that has consistently received international standards certifications. The launch of True IDC Experience Center is intended to spread knowledge and create new experiences for government agencies, private organisations, educational institutions, and the general public who are interested in learning about the world-class data centres and their working structure, as well as opening up a learning path for cloud services that will increasingly play a crucial role in the digital economy. This project is one of True IDC's sources of pride and will create benefits for the people, society, and the country, as well as reaffirm our leadership in infrastructure technology on all fronts, including consulting, service delivery, and learning centre.”

Tyler Qiu, Country Manager of Thailand, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence said “Alibaba Cloud is very excited to showcase our latest cloud-based products and industry solutions at True IDC Experience Center. The project is a great initiative where visitors from varies industry sectors and different scale, educational institutions and general public can experience how the latest innovations and cloud technologies play a role in the development of a digital economy. True IDC is a market leader committed in advocating the crucial role of advanced technology in the digital world. We look forward to continue supporting organisations in Thailand to unleash their potential by leveraging the power of cloud computing."

Mrs. Piyatida Itiravivongs, President of the Cloud Business Department of Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Company Limited, revealed that "True IDC is Huawei's cloud service provider and a key strategic partner. We are confident that the True IDC Experience Center will help everyone learn and experience the real thing. This also provides an opportunity to meet with cloud system experts who can offer suitable cloud solutions for business needs, helping startups, SMBs, and large enterprises access HUAWEI CLOUD services quickly. We are also committed to developing technology and services to better serve the digital infrastructure needs of customers."

Mr. Abhay Ghosalkar, Vice President of Secure Power Group, Schneider Electric, Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar, revealed that "The smooth operation of the digital life we enjoy today, whether it's banking, business, or entertainment through applications, depends on a strong, efficient, flexible, and reliable data centre from a trusted service provider with good support systems, such as security systems, performance and energy monitoring systems, to ensure smooth user experience. True IDC is one such service provider, offering complete data centres with convenient support systems, world-class technology, and international standards, enabling users who are start-ups and business owners to create innovative content without limitations while the end users have excellent experiences. As a partner of this project, we are confident that this will be a great learning resource for everyone on data centres and clouds.

Mr. Ekpawin Sukanan, Country Manager, Thailand, VMware, said, “We congratulate True IDC on the launch of the True IDC Experience Center. Enterprises in Thailand are embarking on an amazing digital transformation trajectory to unlock greater economies of scale, productivity and efficiency by tapping into the multi-cloud-based IT infrastructures. This experience centre should serve to illustrate the benefits multi-cloud can deliver, and help even more businesses understand how they can achieve tangible results to grow their business and succeed.”

Get to know True IDC Experience Center

True IDC Experience Center is part of an ecosystem for startups and technology entrepreneurs under the True Digital Park. This centre was created with the concept of "Infinite Reflection to Your Digital Journey," which refers to the endless reflection between the current need for digital transformation and digital infrastructure support. There are two zones within this learning centre: the data centre zone and the cloud zone, which are the two main businesses that True IDC provides to corporate clients. Each zone provides new knowledge to visitors by presenting information in an easy-to-understand way, adding to the visitors' technological know-how and experiences, as well as providing consultation and guidance to build understanding based on correct principles and lead to the use of good technology infrastructure.

The Data Center Zone allows visitors to experience the data centre facilities, mocked up within the True Digital Park building. It starts with the Data Hall, a small server room that provides an opportunity to learn about the various infrastructure and accommodating systems. Here the visitors will feel like they are in a real data centre. To learn more, visitors can explore the data centre virtually and learn about its operations through a 360-degree tour, which offers an immersive experience of the actual data centre that is not normally accessible to the public. Additionally, visitors can observe the work of the experts in the Command Center, who closely monitor the various systems to ensure they run smoothly around the clock and prevent issues that could potentially impact the digital systems within the data centre.

At the Cloud Zone, through a variety of exhibits, visitors can delve into the workings of cloud systems that underlie various online platforms in everyday life. They can also learn about cloud solutions from world-class service providers, observe the work of Thai cloud service developers, such as True IDC Cloud, and meet and chat with Cloud Heroes or teams of cloud service experts who are available for consultation throughout the day. The visit concludes with entertaining games and activities from the Cloudtalk Community, a well-known community in the IT industry.

Throughout its 20 years of business operation, True IDC has remained committed to developing services to meet the needs of customers of all sizes and industries, while also continuously innovating to disseminate knowledge and understanding of technology to Thai society, making it more accessible to the general public. We intend to be a leading force in propelling Thailand towards becoming a digital centre of ASEAN and on par with other countries on the global stage.

Those interested can visit the True IDC Experience Center every Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00. Visitors are also invited to join a free digital experience tour every Tuesday and Thursday from 14:00 to 14:30. The centre is located on the 2nd floor of True Digital Park West building (BTS Punnawithi station, exit 6).

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