Huawei Hosts the First Healthcare Summit in Thailand
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Huawei Hosts the First Healthcare Summit in Thailand

Leading ICT technology to enhance the Thai medical industry

Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. hosted the inaugural Healthcare Summit in Thailand, a ground-breaking event showcasing the latest medical and health trends and technological advancements. The summit aimed to empower healthcare professionals and patients in Thailand by providing access to the best available treatments, services, and technologies in the global market. Huawei organised this event to support Thailand's healthcare industry and facilitate its transition to the digital age through the adoption of ICT infrastructure for patient care solutions and applications.

Mr. David Li, CEO of Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd., emphasised Thailand's significant progress in medical services and devices. In line with Thailand's vision of becoming a regional medical hub under Thailand 4.0, the acceleration of ICT infrastructure upgrades and the application of advanced technologies have become top priorities.

Huawei's longstanding mission is to "Grow in Thailand, Contribute to Thailand". To this end, Huawei highlighted two key directions for the advancement of healthcare in the country. First, they aim to enhance the capabilities of their partners and healthcare industry ecosystems in Thailand through projects, initiatives, and the introduction of world-class industry practices. Second, Huawei continues to seek solutions specifically tailored to Thailand's healthcare needs and scenarios by supporting customers and contributing to the industry's digital transformation goals.

Currently Huawei has developed products and solutions in collaboration with partners that have gained industry recognition, such as Digital Pathology, Smart Ward, and Virtual Hospital Management Systems (Hospital Operation Center or Digital Twin), leveraging Huawei's unique technology architecture such as 5G Wi-Fi 6 and all-flash Storage. Moreover, Huawei has cultivated a network of over 3,000 industry partners who support and provide services to more than 5,000 healthcare organisations in over 90 countries worldwide.

Dr. Pollawat Witoolkollachit, M.D., Ph.D. (IT), an expert in the healthcare industry in Thailand and the current CEO of Sabuy Infrastructure Co., Ltd., emphasised the need for IT advancements in the New Era of Medicine to benefit patient development. These advancements can improve service efficiencies such as reducing waiting queues and long-term costs, enhancing the patient experience, and enabling access to superior services.

Dr. Pollawat stated that within approximately five years, Thailand's systems will seamlessly integrate patient data both within and outside of hospitals, including hospital databases, while ensuring data security.

Dr. Pollawat emphasised that the trend towards the adoption of Internet of Medical Things (IOMT) technologies in the country is aligns with big data, analytics, and consumerism in the medical market. While there will be pros and cons, such as easier access to medicines and medical devices for consumers and the increasing importance of telemedicine, robust systems must ensure data accuracy and patient privacy. Therefore, all stakeholders, including doctors, patients, and systems, need to be prepared and engaged in discussions.

"Huawei is confident and ready to support the digital transformation of Thailand’s healthcare industry. We will increase technology investments in the healthcare industry and strategically collaborate with customers and industry stakeholders to establish a digital foundation based on advanced technologies. By transforming digitally, we are committed to elevating Thailand’s healthcare industry to its best position," said David Li.

Huawei executives with the summit speakers

Polawat Witoolkollachit, M.D., Ph.D. (IT), CEO of Sabuy, shares his outlook on the topics of Future of Healthcare and Local Trends

Huawei cooperates with partners to show the latest innovative solutions and success cases in the exhibition zone

Huawei Healthcare Summit in Thailand attended by more than 100 executives and medical personnel from 50 hospitals and related departments

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