MEA Governor visits Phrakhanong Pumping Station site alongside BMA to monitor drainage system during rainy season
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MEA Governor visits Phrakhanong Pumping Station site alongside BMA to monitor drainage system during rainy season

Governor Wilas Chaloeysat of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), accompanied by Jessada Chantaraprabha, Deputy Director of the Department of Drainage and Sewerage, and MEA staff, conducted an onsite visit to assess the readiness of the electric system at the Phrakhanong Pumping Station. This visit follows the MEA's mission of maintaining and supporting the stability of the device installation at pumping stations in Bangkok. In collaboration with the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA) and related networks, MEA has also implemented preparation and established plans to enhance the efficiency of drainage management in the city.

Governor Chaloeysat emphasised that as a state-owned enterprise responsible for electricity distribution under the Ministry of Interior's directive, MEA prioritises the quality of electricity distribution and provides support in emergencies and electrical challenges. MEA works in close cooperation with relevant agencies to distribute electricity to over 762 water pumping stations, drainage water gateways, and water pumping wells throughout Bangkok.

Out of these total sites, MEA is responsible for connecting the electricity distribution system to 364 water pumping spots, ensuring stability and efficient management through the SCADA interface (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and cutting-edge DMS technology (Distribution Management System). The DMS technology is installed on electricity poles across the designated areas, enabling centralised control management and reporting of problems, as well as activating automatic solutions to stabilise the electricity system promptly, thereby increasing safety and resolving issues efficiently.

Governor Chaloeysat further explained that the site survey aims to monitor the progress of the Phrakhanong Pumping Station, the largest and most significant station in Bangkok. This mission aligns with the policy issued by the Ministry of Interior, promoting collaboration among relevant networks to achieve the most effective drainage management.

Currently, MEA is responsible for distributing electricity to the Phrakhanong Pumping Station and Phrakhanong Tunnel through a 69 kV relay, with a pumping capacity of 215 cubic meters per second. The Phrakhanong Water Works system serves as the primary site for draining floodwater into the Chao Phraya River, facilitating the transfer of water from northern and eastern Bangkok through the Rama IX Phrakhanong Tunnel.

MEA remains committed to continuously monitoring and maintaining the electric distribution system at water pumping stations to prevent any potential electricity outages, particularly during the rainy season. The MEA's mission involves physical maintenance tasks such as trimming tree branches and monitoring the condition of signs, especially those near damaged electricity devices that are at risk during storms. The stability of the power system within each pumping station is also assessed, and close collaboration with the Bangkok Flood Prevention Centre is established to promptly resolve any emergency power outages. MEA has also prepared its staff to integrate electrical systems at all crucial points, ensuring 24-hour availability to efficiently address any electrical issues and maximise the safety and efficiency of the water pumping system in Bangkok during the rainy season.

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