Digital Gold Coin (DGC) Announces Entry into Global Crypto Market

Digital Gold Coin (DGC) Announces Entry into Global Crypto Market

Digital Gold Coin (DGC), the world's first gold-backed cryptocurrency pegged to gold mine reserves, has signed a white-label partnership with technology provider, under the supervision of the Dubai Multi-Commodities Centre (DMCC). This groundbreaking achievement positions DGC to make its debut on the global crypto exchange market on October 10th.

DGC, also known as the Gold-Backed Coin, is a stablecoin designed to maintain a 1-to-1 ratio with real gold value, following the highest compliance standards, such as the Shariah Compliance standard in Islamic Finance. With production sourced from a network of over 95 gold mines, estimated to yield approximately 3,000 tons of gold over the next decade, DGC ensures efficient and reliable value transfer.

TCG Total Communication, the group behind the DGC project, through the white-label solution is able to to provide comprehensive end-to-end solution. This includes licensing certifications related to various financial aspects and extensive crypto exchange assistance. The collaboration guarantees a seamless and robust infrastructure for the launch of DGC in the global crypto exchange market.

To mark this milestone, Digital Gold Coin will hold a press conference during the Future Innovation Summit in Dubai, UAE. The event will showcase the announcement of DGC's entrance into the global market and will feature a big announcement related to our global partnerships.

With more than four years of development and private investment of US$60 million, DGC combines the value of gold production from its gold mine network with the certified assurance and value endorsement from Transguard Group. Licensed and regulated by the UAE government, Transguard has the capacity to provide full gold logistics and vault management to support the issuance of gold-backed DGC.

"We are delighted to announce the upcoming launch of Digital Gold Coin (DGC) into the global crypto market," said Jacky JT. Wong, CEO of TCG. "DGC has been setup to provide a stable and reliable cryptocurrency backed by real gold reserves. We believe DGC will become one of the top 5 main stable coins worldwide, rapidly integrating into the global financial market across Asia, the Middle East, and South America.”

Vincent Song, Co-CEO of TCG Total Communication, added, "Our white-label partner with the support from DMCC solidifies DGC's position as a revolutionary digital asset. We are excited about the opportunities this launch will bring to both investors and users alike.”

DGC's entry into the global crypto market marks a significant milestone in the evolution of cryptocurrencies, where a gold-backed token with large physical gold access is positioned to make an impact, not just on the crypto space but on the global financial sector. Stay tuned for the press conference during the Future Innovation Summit 2023 in Dubai, UAE, where DGC's global market debut will be officially announced, alongside a ground-breaking partnerships that will shape the future of the new era of crypto.

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