EurekaMag Digital Library Expands Interlibrary Services to Thailand

EurekaMag Digital Library Expands Interlibrary Services to Thailand

The digital library EurekaMag has been providing fully digital interlibrary services from major libraries in the USA, Europe, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Australia since 2007.

Its primary focus is supplying scanned journal articles and book chapters that are only available in print. EurekaMag specializes in digitizing such publications from 49 libraries worldwide, including:

  • National Library of Medicine, USA
  • The British Library, UK
  • Europe's largest medical library, Germany
  • Europe's largest technical library, Germany
  • National Diet Library, Japan
  • National Science Library Beijing, China
  • Shanghai Library, China
  • National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • The National Library of Australia

Additionally, EurekaMag's library network includes several University libraries in East Europe with extensive holdings of journals and books published throughout former USSR countries, including Russia. To facilitate translation, all texts are supplied with OCR in their native language. is now expanding its services to Thailand to complement the more traditional interlibrary loan (ILL) processes of the unified Thai Higher Education Institutions. It improves upon the latter services by emailing all articles and chapters in PDF format within 24 hours during workdays. This efficiency is ma0de possible through EurekaMag's collaboration with the aforementioned libraries over the past 10 years. When ordering a particular article, EurekaMag usually has a choice of 2-3 libraries and selects a supplier based on past (1) speed of delivery and (2) quality of scans. Approximately 95% of all requests are fulfilled within the advertised workday, with exceptions for articles sourced from smaller libraries (maximum of 3 workdays) and libraries in Japan. Due to copyright regulations in Japan, only physical photocopies are supplied, and EurekaMag usually emails such articles within 2-3 weeks.

Throughout its history, has supplied tens of thousands of publications in various genres, including:

  • Biomedical literature cited at PubMed (containing a PMID, PubMed ID)
  • Journals and books published in Europe with limited worldwide distribution
  • Pharmaceutical literature
  • Zoological, including entomological literature
  • Geological/petrogeological literature
  • Historic literature published before the 20th century

Apart from delivering scanned copies of printed literature, EurekaMag also provides access to electronically published works, such as articles and chapters containing a digital object identifier (DOI). Such requests are fulfilled immediately or within a maximum of 6 hours.

Currently, operates an extensive website with over 71 million selected references (excluding complete books and book reviews). The sources for these references include PubMed, BIOSIS Previews, CAB Abstracts, Zoological Record, GeoRef, Pascal and Francis, Web of Science, and Crossref. In contrast to Crossref's 149 million references, EurekaMag (with 71 million references) aspires to become the largest provider of references to printed literature. The platform is actively working on adding orderable articles included in the "Index Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon General's Office" (19th and early 20th-century medical literature).

EurekaMag's vast database can be easily searched by article title, PubMed ID (PMID), and DOI. If a text is not available on the website, it can still be ordered by submitting a reference online.

Articles can be purchased with 1-Click directly through the website; however, the cost is higher than the rate offered to institutional and corporate customers. The current institutional and corporate customers include law firms, government entities, and public and private libraries. These customers place daily or weekly orders by emailing lists of references and receive significant discounts of up to 33% off the standard rate.

Understanding that purchasing power varies between different regions and acknowledging the value of repeat customers, EurekaMag is delighted to announce its new service exclusively for new customers in Thailand:

  • Free trial of up to 3 articles or book chapters
  • Subsequently, US$19.90 (including copyright fees) per journal article or book chapter

To take advantage of this offer, please email for the free trial. EurekaMag operates 18 hours every day, fully covering workdays in Thailand.

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