Bitkub Ventures Unleashes 'Bitkub AI' Revolutionising Technological Solutions
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Bitkub Ventures Unleashes 'Bitkub AI' Revolutionising Technological Solutions

Bitkub Ventures collaborates with Thai GPT to launch 'Bitkub AI' via 'Bitkub Moonshot,' focusing on tailored technological solutions

Bitkub Ventures Co., Ltd. and Thai GPT Co., Ltd. orchestrated a press conference to herald the official unveiling of "Bitkub AI" under Bitkub Moonshot Co., Ltd., an emergent subsidiary within Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co., Ltd. The event, held on August 8th, 2023, at Ananda ZillaSpace's 11th floor in the FYI Center, marked a significant milestone in their collaborative venture.

The core mission behind Bitkub Moonshot Co., Ltd.'s establishment revolves around delivering innovative technological solutions to cater to a broad spectrum of needs. This encompasses creating applications on the blockchain (Dapp: Decentralised Application), advancing Artificial Intelligence (AI), and cultivating enterprise-level platforms for both government bodies and the private sector. The objective is to empower businesses to adeptly navigate the swiftly evolving digital landscape, effectively solving technology challenges with the support of expert teams. Bitkub Moonshot will focus its efforts on three primary areas: Consultation, Tech Partnership, and Turnkey Solution.

The event enjoyed the presence of Mr. Jirayut (Topp) Srupsrisopa, founder and Group CEO of Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co., Ltd., who shared his insights on AI's trends, advantages, and Bitkub's notable emphasis on AI.

Mr. Jirayut expressed gratitude, stating, “I extend my thanks to the media and esteemed guests for joining us on this momentous occasion—the launch of Bitkub AI. The rationale behind the joint venture of Bitkub Ventures Co., Ltd. and Thai GPT Co., Ltd., to introduce Bitkub AI under Bitkub Moonshot Co., Ltd., is rooted in the transformative impact of the Fourth Industrial Technology and Digital Green Revolutions. These paradigm shifts substantially influence the trajectory of IT infrastructure, driven by emergent technologies like AI—a true game changer. This evolution demands our utmost attention and regard.”

He continued, “Notably, Professor Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, has set the stage for 2024's theme, heavily focusing on AI. AI's potential to revolutionise business operations, enhance efficiency, and curtail operational costs is undeniable. AI's reach will also extend to technical skills. Over the next five years, AI will influence 44% of human skill sets. Within the next decade, individuals worldwide might need to reinvent their skillsets through reskilling and upskilling to remain viable in this ever-evolving landscape.”

Mr. Jirayut further added, “The upcoming AI-driven landscape necessitates honing 'soft skills' such as public speaking, relationship-building, and teamwork. While AI can replicate technical tasks, it cannot replicate human-centric work. Consequently, the advent of AI brings into focus the creation of value-backed digital databases that risk value erosion, while assets that AI cannot replicate, like Bitcoin or energy assets, will garner value transfer. AI will play an enhanced role in the digital space through its seamless integration with Web 3.0 capabilities, notably through super apps, serving as conduits for information customisation based on user preferences. All these aspects form key elements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

He concluded, “The launch of Bitkub AI today signifies a robust start to the development of Conversational AI founded on ThaiGPT. This not only bolsters our technological landscape but also propels Thailand as a Southeast Asian hub for the digital economy.”

Furthermore, the event was graced by Ms. Naowarat Thammasauydee, CEO of Bitkub Ventures, who expounded on the vision driving the co-investment between Bitkub Ventures Co., Ltd. and Thai GPT Co., Ltd.

Ms. Naowarat Thammasauydee, CEO of Bitkub Ventures, shared, “Bitkub Ventures is delighted to embark on a co-investment journey with Thai GPT. The rationale behind our collaboration is the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We firmly believe that AI will reshape work dynamics, reduce operational costs, boost efficiency, and enhance competitive capacities across multiple domains. It's our answer to the future world—a world where AI wields immense potential. AI's expansive market scope presents opportunities for numerous organisations.”

She continued, “Our decision to invest was further guided by two IT experts, MD Panutat Techasen, the founder of Thai GPT, and Dom Charoenyos, the founder of Thai GPT, both integral in the realm of AI and blockchain development. ThaiGPT's pivotal achievement lies in developing the Thai language in AI, positioning us as a leader in this sphere. This collaboration offers Bitkub Ventures the unique chance to co-invest with seasoned IT experts and founders boasting profound industry experience. ThaiGPT's products, rooted in Research and Development, provide valuable insights for diverse organisations, thus fortifying Thailand's business landscape.”

She concluded, “Our commitment as Corporate Venture Capital propels us to consider the broader spectrum. Over the past two years, we've invested in around 10 projects, concentrating on delivering practical business insights and case studies to Bitkub Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. Our investment in ThaiGPT takes a more holistic perspective, benefiting the entire Bitkub group. This strategic initiative is crucial in enhancing services for Bitkub Exchange customers, ensuring they receive efficient, top-tier services—an instrumental facet of our investment.”

Ms. Naowarat conveyed her aspirations, stating, “I earnestly hope that this collaboration will form a significant cornerstone, leveraging AI to empower entrepreneurs, sustain long-term competitiveness, and collectively foster Thailand as a pioneering force across various ASEAN sectors. This synergy positions Thailand on the global stage of competition.”

During the event, Mr. Tanat Benjapattharaseth, Project Development Director at Bitkub Moonshot Co., Ltd., provided insights into product offerings and business solutions. Collaborating partners Mr. Chaowanon Klangpremchit and Ms. Antika Limpiananchai, founders of Ultimate Destiny, shared their invaluable experiences in product development.

Additionally, a panel discussion, titled “Embarking on Bitkub Moonshot and the Future Significance of Bitkub AI,” featured esteemed speakers including Mr. Sakolkorn Sakavee, President of Bitkub Capital Group Holdings; IT developer MD Panutat Tejasen and blockchain developer Dom Charoenyos, founders of Thai GPT; and Theeranon Sirikulpiriya, founder of Insightist™, serving as the seminar's host.

Mr. Sakolkorn Sakavee underlined AI's immense advantages and the significance of defining a clear AI direction for optimising business efficiency and addressing organisational challenges. MD Panutat delved into the accelerated pace of AI advancement and its transformative capabilities. Mr. Dom Charoenyos highlighted AI's ability to drive rapid industry changes, urging wider adoption and integration within organisations.

This event signifies a crucial stride towards pioneering AI solutions, positioning Bitkub Moonshot as a pivotal player in Thailand's digital transformation.

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