MLA Presents Aussie Beef Mates in Thailand
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MLA Presents Aussie Beef Mates in Thailand

Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) introduces Aussie Beef Mates, a culinary delight, in the heart of Thailand.

Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), a producer-owned marketing and research company for the Australian cattle and livestock industry, has introduced the Aussie Beef Mates 6 Hands Experience in Thailand.

The Aussie Beef Mates program is a sub-program of the MLA Aussie Meat Academy, aiming to cultivate a community of esteemed chefs who will impart their culinary expertise in utilising Australian meat products to Thai consumers. The Aussie Meat Academy program invited accomplished chefs to create unique menus that showcase high-quality beef with exceptional nutritional value and distinctive flavour. This year marks the second iteration of the Aussie Meat Academy program, underscoring MLA's dedication to promoting Australian meat products in international markets.

Under the capable leadership of Valeska, MLA Regional Manager SEA, in collaboration with Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ), Australia's dedicated agency for international trade and investment, the program received support from esteemed partners. The Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen's Park played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this endeavour.

The Aussie Beef Mates 6 Hands Experience consisted of two events: the Aussie Meat Academy Butchery & Food Trends Masterclass by the Aussie Beef Mates. This masterclass offered an opportunity to explore the culinary possibilities of Australian beef products and Queensland’s premium-grade beef. Additionally, there was the Thailand & U.S.A. Aussie Beef Mates 6 Hands Dinner Event, initially hosted at Lady Butcher and subsequently held for the second time at The Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen's Park. The event was hosted by three distinguished chefs from Aussie Beef Mates, including:

  • Chef Roy, a renowned Asiatic Cuisine Chef based in Las Vegas, who created an exquisite Kilawin using Aussie Beef Tenderloin with a Filipino Style Leche de Tigre, incorporating flavours of coconut milk, coconut vinegar, and crab fat paste. The tenderloin was sourced from grass-fed cattle.
  • Chef Natt, Thailand’s first Aussie Beef Mates and Proprietor of Lady Butcher Restaurant, showcased a grilled Isan-style marinated Aussie Oyster Blade from 200-day grain-fed cattle, complemented by young coconut and rice-berry.
  • Chef Umm (Itthi), a senior executive sous chef at The Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen's Park, presented a tantalising Short Rib Wagyu Mb.4-5 with Massamun Beef.

Queensland, with its vast agricultural land and the majority of Australia's beef herd, plays a pivotal role in sourcing these premium meat products. A renowned global leader in the food and agribusiness sector, Queensland stands as Australia's largest beef producer and exporter while maintaining a reputation for clean, green, reliable, and secure agricultural practices. The state's commitment to quality, security, and sustainability is upheld through best practice management, strict biosecurity measures, and continuous agricultural innovations and research. With two-thirds of Queensland's $3 billion beef exports directed towards Asian markets and one-third of Australia's primary produce originating from the state, it remains a pivotal contributor to the nation's agricultural success. Additionally, Cairns in Queensland's north serves as a global leader of tropical agriculture with products, processes, insights, and innovations that are leading the way for tropical economies.

MLA's Aussie Meat Academy represents a significant stride in promoting Australian meat excellence in Thailand, showcasing the exceptional quality and taste of Australian beef to culinary enthusiasts and consumers across the region.

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