Explore Modern Design Concepts in the Digital Era at 'Creativities Unfold 2023'
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Explore Modern Design Concepts in the Digital Era at 'Creativities Unfold 2023'

The design industry, spanning from product design and art to various architectural works, is undergoing transformative changes due to artificial intelligence. The pivotal question is how creatives should prepare themselves for this shift.

To address this, the Creative Economy Agency (Public Organisation), or CEA, organised "Creativities Unfold 2023," one of Thailand’s most anticipated international symposiums, is back to serve as a platform to showcase ideas and visions by contemporary thought leaders from Thailand and all over the world. This year was held under the theme, "VISIONAIRE: Reminisce/The Way Forward," as part of the CREATIVE BUSINESS CONNEXT event. The event featured insights from world-renowned designers, including Jaime Hayon, an influential Spanish designer, and Lyndon Neri, an accomplished Asian architect, both of whom shared their perspectives on design in the digital age.

Jaime Hayon: Stand Out by Infusing Emotion and Playfulness

Jaime Hayon, from Jaime Hayon Studio, a Spanish design powerhouse recognised as one of the most influential figures globally, delivered a captivating presentation on the topic of "Design Follows Function, and Then What?" He emphasised that design in this evolving era should embrace fun and excitement by weaving stories that connect people to a realm of imagination, inspiring the audience. Furthermore, he discussed the creation of a design experience through the potent art of storytelling, breathing life into designs by merging human emotions with AI.

Lyndon Neri: Architectural Design Must Harmonise with its Context

Lyndon Neri, co-founder of Neri & Hu and a prominent Asian architect renowned for his compelling architectural designs, delved into the theme of "Liminality." His discourse revolved around the transformation of ideas into functional designs and underscored the importance of crafting works that seamlessly integrate with their specific contexts. He stressed the principle of in-depth research, encompassing both the local environment and various cultural memories, to craft designs that engage users in meaningful experiences within their surroundings.

Bridging Past and Present

Jaime Hayon and Lyndon Neri share a common belief—good design should commence with an appreciation of history and diverse cultures, drawing inspiration from travel and meaningful dialogues with people to comprehend their emotions and thoughts. Designers can then apply these insights, along with contemporary techniques and fresh perspectives, tailored to suit modern contexts without alienation.

AI Is More Than Technology

AI has garnered considerable attention across various creative dimensions. Jaime Hayon provides his unique perspective by defining AI as 'Art Intelligence,' signifying the creation of artistic design by accentuating distinctions. This entails continuous exploration of new materials, broadening one's vision, and seeking innovative possibilities to ignite creativity and transcend conventional boundaries. He firmly believes that timeless design transcends function and aesthetics, emanating from fresh perspectives cultivated through personal growth—qualities beyond the reach of technological AI.

In contrast, Lyndon Neri regards AI as a tool for data collection to inform design work. He underscores the role of good architecture in harmoniously integrating with its local environment, incorporating local elements creatively, while preserving tradition to ensure coexistence within its contextual framework. He reinforces the notion that "As we cannot revert to the past, architectural designers must not merely 'create' but also 'preserve' memories from the past through to the present day."

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