"BIG" Transitions into Climate Technology Leader
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"BIG" Transitions into Climate Technology Leader

In its 35th anniversary milestone, "BIG" announces a transformative shift towards Climate Technology, emphasizing clean hydrogen and smart platforms to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In celebration of its 35th anniversary, "BIG" has announced a strategic corporate transformation aimed at propelling the company's business forward through the integration of Climate Technology, with a strategic focus on harnessing the potential of clean hydrogen and smart platform technologies to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This move plays a vital role in Thailand's journey towards a low-carbon society and supports the nation's aspiration to achieve its Net Zero emissions targets.

"BIG" is a subsidiary of "Air Products" a pioneering company in the industrial gas industry based in the United States. With more than 35 years of experience in Thailand, BIG leads innovative practices related to Climate Technology. It places a strong emphasis on sustainability and navigating the energy transition to effectively address climate change. The company is dedicated to propelling Thailand's industrial sector towards achieving Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions ahead of the national target set for 2065.

Mr. Piyabut Charuphen, the Managing Director of BIG, articulated in a statement, "BIG stands at the forefront of catalysing innovation through Climate Technology, seamlessly aligning with Thailand's ambitious objectives of achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2050 and Net Zero emissions by 2065. Presently, "BIG" has made significant advancements, accomplishing a remarkable reduction of carbon emissions by more than 20% compared to our 2030 target of a 33% reduction in emissions from our manufacturing processes. This achievement can be largely attributed to the strategic implementation of Climate Technology."

An integral facet of Climate Technology lies in the utilisation of hydrogen. Currently, "BIG" assumes a pivotal role as Thailand's commercial producer of low-carbon hydrogen, catering to a diverse range of industrial applications. Leveraging its extensive expertise in innovation and hydrogen technology development, the company benefits from technology transfers and collaborations with its parent company, Air Products, the world's largest hydrogen producer. Air Products is presently investing more than $15 billion in extensive projects focused on both Blue Hydrogen and Green Hydrogen. These initiatives have already made substantial progress and are projected to achieve full operational capacity by the years 2026–2027. In Thailand, "BIG" has cultivated strategic partnerships, including collaborations with the PTT Group and Toyota, to establish Southeast Asia's inaugural hydrogen refuelling station dedicated to commercial vehicles. This facility, inaugurated in 2022, is situated in the Bang Lamung district of Chonburi Province. Furthermore, "BIG" has articulated its intentions to integrate carbon capture technology and electrolysis into its initiatives. These endeavours aim to propel the development of both blue and green hydrogen technologies through collaborations with prominent domestic organisations. The primary emphasis is placed on critical projects facilitating the transition from fossil-based energy sources to a comprehensive hydrogen-based energy system. This strategic trajectory signifies a significant milestone in assisting Thailand in its journey toward achieving Net Zero Emissions.

Furthermore, BIG has also introduced another innovative Climate Technology product – a smart platform designed to mitigate net carbon emissions in industries. This platform is empowered by a cutting-edge Carbon Accounting System driven by digital technology. It commences with the real-time measurement of net carbon emissions throughout all production processes. BIG, then, offers a diverse range of solutions, including unique low-carbon industrial gas innovations exclusively manufactured in Thailand. These innovations significantly contribute to the reduction of emissions associated with the measured production processes. Additionally, this platform facilitates the exchange and trading of carbon credits between BIG and various industrial sectors. All these endeavours are in alignment with the industry's overarching objective of achieving a net reduction in carbon emissions and fostering sustainability. Industries can seamlessly integrate these solutions into their strategic plans and operational processes to tangibly curtail net carbon emissions stemming from their production procedures.

Consequently, BIG is fervently advancing Climate Technology and engaging in comprehensive partnerships with both global and national industrial sectors in the realms of hydrogen and digital technology platforms. This all-encompassing strategy is in harmony with national policies aimed at collectively achieving sustainability objectives.

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