Turkish Airlines Wins APEX World Class Award Again
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Turkish Airlines Wins APEX World Class Award Again

Turkish Airlines receives the prestigious APEX World Class Award for the third time, reaffirming its commitment to excellence in guest experience.

Turkish Airlines, the most valuable brand in Turkey, has once again achieved global recognition by receiving the prestigious World Class award for the third time from APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association), a leading organisation in the aviation industry.

The award was presented to Turkish Airlines during the APEX/IFSA Global Expo held in California, in acknowledgment of the airline's exceptional leadership in guest experience and service quality within the aviation sector.

Ahmet Olmuştur, Chief Marketing Officer of Turkish Airlines, expressed his appreciation for the esteemed APEX World Class Award, saying, "We are delighted to receive this highly prestigious award from APEX, one of the world's foremost airline evaluation organisations. This recognition is a testament to the dedication of all our team members. Our commitment to providing an exceptional flight experience through ergonomic seats, personalised services, and unique offerings tailored to our guests' needs has been validated by this award. It underscores the effectiveness of our strategies and motivates us to further enhance our future goals."

APEX CEO Dr. Joe Leader commended Turkish Airlines, stating, "In the realm of elevated aviation experiences, Turkish Airlines stands out as a paragon of excellence, earning a place as one of the select 2024 APEX World Class airlines globally. Rigorous audits of both economy and business class services revealed their unwavering commitment to passenger experience, safety, and sustainability advancements. Turkish Airlines' new suite business class on select A350 aircraft exemplifies enhanced opulence and innovation. With the addition of Turkish Airlines' flying chefs, every meal becomes an extraordinary culinary journey, reminiscent of starlit Anatolian evenings. Yet, it is their genuine and lavish Turkish hospitality, blending warmth and luxury, that truly encapsulates the essence of their service. Congratulations to Turkish Airlines for creating moments that transcend the five-star status, as one of the very few APEX World Class airlines!"

Turkish Airlines has earned a distinguished place among the select few airline companies recognised by APEX. This recognition is a result of rigorous assessments evaluating safety, well-being, sustainability, and the guest experience. The airline's commitment to global standards in these areas has been confirmed by comprehensive assessments conducted by aviation industry professionals.

The APEX World Class award serves as a testament to Turkish Airlines' continuous dedication to enhancing the guest experience and upholding service quality at the highest level.

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