Rachvipa MRI Center Unveils Cutting-Edge 'MAGNETOM Altea' MRI Technology

Rachvipa MRI Center Unveils Cutting-Edge 'MAGNETOM Altea' MRI Technology

Rachvipa MRI Center (RMC) introduces the state-of-the-art "MAGNETOM Altea" by Siemens Healthineers, revolutionising medical diagnosis with AI-powered precision, faster scans, and enhanced patient comfort.

Rachvipa MRI Center (RMC), a diagnosis imaging centre with state-of-the-art MRI and CT Scan machines, continues to strive forward accelerating the efficiency of medical diagnosis.

The Center has recently launched the "MAGNETOM Altea", the latest Siemens Healthineers MRI machine equipped with AI-based technology ensuring consistent quality imaging, unparalleled accuracy, and safety for patients. The machine boasts Turbo Suite Innovation enabling up to 50 percent faster routine clinical exams and help reducing patient anxiety and discomfort during scans. Furthermore, the second-to-none innovations provide comprehensive medical solutions that urgently help patients who need critical diagnoses to receive timely treatment including guidelines for disease prevention. With the understanding that in individuals afflicted with life-threatening conditions, the Center offers health check-ups for those who wish to obtain a basic diagnosis at an early stage, it is expected that the demand for MRI services in Thailand will surge following the national policy in driving Thailand towards becoming a global medical hub amid the increase of preventive healthcare trends.

Witoon Nitiwarangkul, MD., President of Rachvipa MRI Center, said "MRI is considered a medical tool that plays a significant role in allowing physicians and medical personnel to diagnose internal organs thoroughly. Currently, MRI services in Thailand are mostly available at the top medical schools and large hospitals. The service also relies on radiologists and technologists with high expertise to accurately interpret the results. Patients could spend up to several months waiting for their check-ups. The number of patients requiring urgent diagnosis continues to increase, especially cancer patients. Today, there are approximately 140,000 new cancer patients across Thailand. RMC, as the first MRI centre in Thailand to be accredited ISO 9001:2008 and the Joint Commission International (JCI) Ambulatory Care Standards, plays a pivotal role in Thailand's healthcare industry in facilitating patient diagnosis from other medical facilities. The Center offers diagnosis imaging services using advanced MRI technology with timely service and accuracy provided by specialised and attentive medical personnel. We take great pride in providing patients with speedy examinations. In comparison, the time spent waiting in a months-long queue could be reduced to short hours at RMC."

The Center continues to underscore its mission of becoming the trailblazer in diagnostic service in the ASEAN region by launching "MAGNETOM Altea", the latest MRI technology from Siemens Healthineers. The machine provides high efficiency and the timeliest MRI diagnosis interpretation. In brief, MAGNETOM Altea can accommodate a greater number of patients. This aligns with Thailand's Ministry of Public Health's policy that emphasises the importance of driving the country to become a one-stop international Medical Hub. Such technology will increase diagnosis accuracy, reduce the time of diagnosis process, and assist all patients thoroughly.

Meanwhile, the Director of Rachvipa MRI Center, Dungdumri Nitiwarangkul, MD. said, "In addition to providing disease diagnosis to patients, RMC's MRI technology also responds to the needs of healthcare industry and diagnosis at the earliest stages for the general public with the MRI Check-up service, which is becoming popular among people who care about their health of all genders and ages thanks to the ever-growing trend of preventive healthcare. This latest technology allows us to diagnose the internal organ system thoroughly, creating the possibility to detect critical diseases such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, stroke, liver cancer, osteoarthritis, and even degenerative disc disease can be diagnosed at an early stage. These diseases often show no signs of abnormality in the early stages; therefore, they require regular examination to be able to provide focused treatment in time before developing to an advanced stage. In addition, the MAGNETOM Altea uses electromagnetic waves, so patients or the general public can obtain their services without being concerned about the accumulated amount of radiation."

“Holders of 30-baht universal healthcare cards, social security, life insurance, or civil service healthcare rights, are eligible for check-up services at RMC with referral documents from the hospitals. This service will allow the public to gain more access to the MRI diagnostic services,” Dr. Dungdumri concluded.

Björn Bodenstein, Managing Director of Siemens Healthineers in Thailand, said, "As a leader in medical innovation from Germany to pioneer healthcare innovation for people around the world with digital technology, we are most pleased to introduce the first "MAGNETOM Altea" MRI machine in Thailand at RMC. This model, furnished with integrated AI-based technology, will transform medical radiology by providing the quietest operation, highly accurate diagnosis results, and even higher satisfaction with a patient-centric design. Among highlights of the MAGNETOM Altea MRI machine include:

  • Al-Powered Precision: With Al-based technology, including BioMatrix coupled with the Select&GO Interface tailored to examine to unique biology of each individual. Additionally, the MAGNETOM Altea is equipped with Tim 4G and Dot (Day Optimising Throughput) automation that supports standardised, highly reproducible scan procedures.
  • Speed: The MAGNETOM Altea boasts the new Turbo Suite acceleration packages, a series of customised speed applications for routine examinations of various areas of the body. Turbo Suite can reduce the scan time by up to 50 percent without compromising image quality.
  • Enhanced Comfort: The MRI is equipped with a patient-centric design offering the most comfort and a more serene environment during your scans. The MAGNETOM Altea has a wide, 70 centimetres wide and only 157 centimetres long, promising the quietest operation. Additionally, new technology equipped in the machine shortens the entire scanning process helping to create comfort for patients from not having to hold their breath during the operation.

"This MRI model not only has satisfactory scanning performance and fast scanning time, but it also comes with a patient-focused design to help reduce various challenges for patients in receiving the MRI scanning services to enhance further usages in the future. With these qualities, Siemens Healthineers is confident that MAGNETOM Altea will enhance the work efficiency of medical personnel and at the same time facilitate those receiving diagnoses at RMC," Mr. Björn said in conclusion.

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