Pizza Hut Brings its Unique "Original Detroit Pizza" to Pizza Lovers in Thailand
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Pizza Hut Brings its Unique "Original Detroit Pizza" to Pizza Lovers in Thailand

Bangkok, 19 October , 2023 – Pizza Hut 1150, the iconic restaurant known for innovating is announcing its unique Original Detroit pizza - Break the laws of pizza upsize down, a rectangular shape, crispy, cheesy edges all around & vine-ripened tomato sauce on top, now available for all pizza lovers in Thailand with up to six toppings for a limited time from 19 October to 31 December 2023.

Pizza Hut spent over a year developing and perfecting its Detroit-style pizza, trying more than 500 iterations and testing several of those in the Midwest, U.S.A. where this distinct style was born. The recipe was in high demand in the U.S. when it debuted in early 2021 and became a favorite menu of Pizza Hut customers. Thai customers are expected to fall in love with this recipe too. The caramelized cheese crust and the sauce on top take the taste of this pizza to the next level.

Pizza Hut’s Detroit-style pizza celebrates all the beloved elements of a true Detroit-style pizza. Each pizza is rectangular-shaped, served up with cheese all the way to the edge, loaded with toppings, and topped with a premium vine-ripened tomato sauce.

The signature pizza is available in six different versions:

  • Detroit Pepperoni (sweet & sour sauce) – Baht 389
  • Detroit Ham & cheese (Thousand Island sauce) – Baht 389
  • Detroit Meaty deluxe (sweet&sour sauce) – Baht 469
  • Detroit Island delight (thousand island sauce) – Baht 469
  • Detroit Super premo (sweet&sour sauce) – Baht 499
  • Detroit Seafood extreme (sweet&sour sauce) – Baht 529

Original Detroit Pizza recipes are available now. From 19 October to 31 December 2023, customers who order the Detroit Combo starting at Baht 489 will receive one Detroit pizza, one spaghetti, four pieces New Orleans chicken, and two cups of Pepsi.

Original Detroit Pizza ready for order at every Pizza Hut store or call 1150, website and Pizza Hut Application, the only app that pizza lovers must have. Easy to order, fast delivery, hot everywhere. Download it today on Google Play and APP Store from today onwards.

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