Siam Piwat Triumphs: 3 Global Awards Celebrate Excellence

Siam Piwat Triumphs: 3 Global Awards Celebrate Excellence

Siam Piwat, Siam Paragon, and ICONSIAM Win Three World-Class Awards at Global Brand Awards 2023, Reinforcing Their Leadership as One of the Best Global Destinations in the World

Siam Piwat Group, a leading real estate and retail business developer, the owner and operator of Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery, and a joint venture partner of ICONSIAM, ICS, and Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok, has won three world-class awards at the Global Brand Awards 2023 in the United Kingdom. These prestigious accolades testify to the strength and capabilities of Siam Piwat as a global destination developer and its astounding success in introducing unique experiences to the luxury retail market, showcasing the unique Thai identity, soft power, and inspiring people across the world.

Ms. Mayuree Chaipromprasith, President of Corporate Affairs and Communications at Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., said, “Throughout its 64 years in business, Siam Piwat Group has always strived to develop shopping centres that are world-class landmarks, occupying the top-of-mind position among Thai and international visitors alike, and delivering experiences that exceed all expectations, setting new standards for the industry. These awards serve as a testament to Siam Piwat’s success as a developer of global destinations. Our establishments are not merely shopping malls but lifestyle hubs for people of all generations that offer fresh experiences and inspiration, garnering world-class recognition through the years.”

“Over the past 18 years, Siam Paragon has reached the pinnacle of success and achieved a 'Top of Mind' position among all visitors. It remains a leader in luxury retail, offering one of the most comprehensive arrays of luxury brands in the world. Meanwhile, ICONSIAM is celebrating its fifth anniversary in 2023 as a game-changer that has set new standards for the industry, as guaranteed by numerous accolades from the world's leading organisations. ICONSIAM has become a new iconic landmark of Bangkok, combining all things that represent Thai identity while embracing the best of Thailand and the best of the world, becoming a prototype of a sustainable development project for mutual growth.”

The Global Brand Awards is an annual prestigious event organised by Global Brands Magazine, a premier business and finance magazine, to honour exemplary models in the fields of branding, marketing, and customer engagement. The awards are given to companies with excellent performance across 24 categories, including finance, education, lifestyle, automotive, and technology. This year, over 18,000 companies were reviewed for award nominations.

As a visionary icon, Siam Piwat Group operates with an innovative approach and collaborates with business partners around the world to create groundbreaking phenomena, solidifying its leadership as a revolutionary force in the retail industry. It is this innovativeness and collaborative spirit that have earned Siam Piwat Group these prestigious awards.

“These accolades reflect the trust and confidence of consumers in Siam Piwat Group’s shopping centres and its dedication to launching world-class projects, guided by creativity, innovation, and excellent management, in order to deliver extraordinary experiences that excite, delight, and inspire all customers,” concluded Mayuree.

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