Get Ready to Groove: "Med Music in the Park" Swings Back to Benjakitti Park in Bangkok on December 2nd

Get Ready to Groove: "Med Music in the Park" Swings Back to Benjakitti Park in Bangkok on December 2nd

Celebrating its 3rd anniversary, MedPark Hospital is delighted to present a spectacular concert as a special gift to the residents of Bangkok. This eagerly awaited event, known as "Med Music in the Park", is returning for its second edition. It promises to bring a talented ensemble of artists together to share the joy of welcoming the winter season, all set to the exciting theme of "Let's Groove."

"Med Music in the Park" is a free concert that offers a selection of global music under the "Let's Groove" theme, creating a festive atmosphere in Benjakitti Park, a large public park integral to the lives of Bangkok residents. The concert features quality artists, both Thai and international, including Yannick Bovy, an acclaimed Belgian vocalist known worldwide, along with beloved Thai artists such as May Fonpa Pramote Na Ayudhaya, and Tom Itsara Kitnitchi, joined by the RSU Symphony Orchestra, under the musical direction of Associate Professor Den Uprasert, a highly distinguished music scholar with expertise in multiple music genres.

Dr. Pongpat Patanavanich, Managing Director of MedPark Hospital, explained the concept behind the event: "In celebration of our continuous efforts over the past three years, we have organised this concert once again in response to the requests of those who have previously enjoyed our concerts. Music is an art that brings joy and relaxation, and as we approach the new year, we aim to spread happiness because we understand the importance of mental well-being. This event is not only about music; it also promotes environmental conservation by allowing attendees to appreciate the park's natural beauty. It's about fostering a culture of listening to music amid lush greenery and nurturing a community spirit.”

Mr. Pimuk Simaroj, secretary of Bangkok governor, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying, "We are delighted that MedPark Hospital, a leading private hospital, recognises the importance of bringing happiness to the community as we welcome the winter

season. This marks the second year that the hospital has been granted permission to host an event in Benjakitti Park, and last year's event was a great success. We hope that concertgoers will take part in maintaining the park's cleanliness and join us in cherishing the beautiful natural surroundings."

At the press conference, video clips showcasing the three main artists, namely Yannick Bovy, the outstanding young artist from Belgium, Tom Itsara, the champion of "The Mask Singer" (Durian Masked), and May Fonpa Pramote Na Ayudhaya, a singer from "The Voice Thailand", a fascinating diva with an angelic voice. Everyone has expressed their dedication to making this concert a joyful and festive experience, akin to a New Year's gift that the citizens of Bangkok eagerly await.

"Med Music in the Park" event is an integral part of MedPark Hospital's commitment to social engagement. It goes beyond its role as a healthcare facility and strives to foster community involvement in building a better society. The event emphasises the enduring importance of preserving the environment and nurturing a sense of community.

For those interested in attending the event, further updates can be found on MedPark Hospital's website or Facebook page: medpark.thailand

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