Siam Discovery Unveils 'K-Fashion82' Pop-Up Store

Siam Discovery Unveils 'K-Fashion82' Pop-Up Store

Igniting the K-Culture Sensation with South Korea's Hottest Fashion Brands

Siam Discovery The Exploratorium continues to solidify its reputation as a trailblazer in the realm of innovative creativity. Without limitations, it remains an open and welcoming hub for individuals of all backgrounds to Experiment, Create, and Cultivate. It is once again riding the wave of K-Culture by introducing the "K-fashion82" pop-up store, a multi-brand fashion destination featuring a curated selection of 9 prominent South Korean brands encompassing RYU CLASSIC, GRACE U, SEMICODE, FROMYITH, ADD STUDIO, TEENY TIGER, JIMINLEE, ALICE MARTHA, and LIME LIKE.

This pop-up store offers an exciting update on the latest Korean fashion trends. It will be available in the form of an exclusive shop from November 8, 2023, to January 8, 2024, located on the 2nd floor of Siam Discovery.

Enthusiasts of Korean fashion trends should not miss the opportunity to explore the diverse array of brands featured in the "K-fashion82" pop-up store. It effortlessly captures a simple, stylish, and contemporary ambiance akin to shopping in the heart of Seoul. With a delightful collection of bags, clothing, and shoes, this pop-up store showcases a total of 9 brands. The "K-fashion82" pop-up store is the result of the co-creation and collaboration between Siam Discovery and INNOCEAN, a global company under Hyundai Motor Group, and Shinsegae, Korean No.1 Luxury department store. Together, they have crafted a fresh and unprecedented fashion experience for both Thai customers and international tourists visiting Siam Discovery.

Starting with the brand "GRACE U," it exudes a 'luxurious atmosphere' with its collection of elegantly simple dresses tailored for women in their late 20s and early 30s who aspire to embrace a refined and classic lifestyle. These garments are thoughtfully designed to enhance the beauty of women, ensuring an enduring sense of grace, luxury, and allure without ever going out of style. The "TeenyTiger" brand, rooted in the concept of 'Korean, urban, and traditional culture,' offers comfortable T-shirts with a distinct Korean essence. On the other hand, "JIMINLEE" is a brand specialising in jackets and shirts, designed in a UNISEX style. It aims to represent a lifestyle that knows no gender restrictions, providing clothing options for all genders.

Bags are an essential fashion accessory that can complement any outfit. The brand "Semicode" embraces the concept of 'you complete me,' offering stylish bags that are perfect for young women. These bags effortlessly complement any look. The "ADDSTUDIO" brand specialises in women's bags, with the concept of 'We support the perfect job for an elegant style.' These bags are designed to seamlessly complement every look, whether it's an elegant or casual style. The "Lime Like" brand is built around the concept of being a 'Brand for young women who want to emphasise their personality.' Their bags are exceptionally unique, making sure you stand out and get noticed wherever you go. The brand "Alice Martha" is known for its minimalistic style bags, which captivate with their simple yet classic design.

Among the array of South Korean brands, there's "FROMYITH," which specialises in shoes. Their concept revolves around 'Everyday Travel,' emphasising that daily life is a journey. Their shoes not only focus on aesthetics but also aim to provide comfortable inspiration to brighten everyday life and lighten one's mood.

The shoe brand "RYU CLASSIC" is founded on the concept of 'Alluring Urban Elegance, Classical Beauty, Resonance, Achromatic Shadow.' It is a brand dedicated to crafting distinct footwear that serves as a symbol of urban classicism, standing out amid a city a chaotic and conflicting atmosphere. The shoes from this brand pay homage to the tradition of footwear while seamlessly blending the coolness of urban styles with a subtle sense of warmth.

Siam Discovery invites you to immerse yourself in the latest K-culture fashion trends by expressing your individual style at the "K-fashion82" pop-up store. This exciting experience will be available from November 8, 2023, to January 8, 2024, on the 2nd floor of Siam Discovery The Exploratorium.

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