Krungthai Bank Offers 5% Interest on USD Deposits

Krungthai Bank Offers 5% Interest on USD Deposits

Krungthai Bank offers dollar-holders a chance to grow their wealth with an attractive 5% interest rate on its 4-month USD fixed deposit account, complemented by a wide range of investment products.

Krungthai Bank is introducing new money management options for customers holding US dollars. The 4-month Fixed USD FCD offers an impressive interest rate of up to 5%. Alternatively, customers can choose a preferential exchange rate when converting their dollars into a Thai baht account.

As a state commercial bank, Krungthai Bank is dedicated to developing financial products and services that cater to customer needs comprehensively. The bank has introduced enhanced financial management alternatives for individuals holding USD currency through the Foreign Currency Deposit Account (FCD) service. These options include a 4-month Fixed USD FCD with a fixed interest rate of 5% per annum. Alternatively, dollar-holding customers can opt for a special exchange rate when transferring funds in dollars into a Krungthai Bank Baht account. This offer is available from October 16th to December 29th, 2023.

With an anticipated surge in money transfer transactions by year-end, the 4-month Fixed USD FCD service offers a solution for managing dollar deposits, potentially boosting income through competitive deposit interest rates.

To open the 4-month Fixed USD FCD, interested customers can visit any Krungthai Bank branch. If the customer already has an existing FCD Savings Account, they can open the 4-month Fixed USD FCD at the same branch or choose a baht account to benefit from a special exchange rate when transferring US dollars. For customers without an existing FCD Savings Account, one should be opened concurrently with the FCD Savings Account to facilitate seamless fund transfer upon maturity. Please note that US Dollar transfers are only accepted from overseas accounts and other domestic bank accounts in Thailand.

Upon maturity of the 4-month Fixed USD FCD, customers have the opportunity to diversify their financial portfolio by exploring a range of financial products and services continuously developed by Krungthai Bank. These options include investing in world-class foreign stocks through Depository Receipts (DR or DRx), structured notes available in both Thai Baht and US Dollars with the option of complete or partial principal protection, online gold trading using US Dollars via the Gold Wallet service within the Krungthai NEXT application, investment in the Krungthai World Class Series mutual funds managed by global investment experts from Fidelity, and access to over 200 leading global funds via NEXT Invest on the Krungthai NEXT application.

For more information, please visit the Krungthai Bank website at or contact the Krungthai Contact Centre at Tel. 02-111-1111.

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