Chin's Gallery Showcases World-Renowned Artists at JWD Art Space

Chin's Gallery Showcases World-Renowned Artists at JWD Art Space

Experience the extraordinary as Chin's Gallery presents world-renowned artists for the first time in Thailand at the JWD Art Space.

Chin’s Gallery is set to host five solo exhibitions featuring over forty artworks by leading international artists at the JWD Art Space. In collaboration with JWD, Chin’s Gallery proudly presents the works of Johan Deckmann and Richard Colman, offering Thai audiences a unique opportunity to experience their distinctive artistic expressions and profound narratives for the first time. Additionally, visitors can explore the meaningful creations of Maxwell McMaster, Jordan Nickel, and Snipe1, artists hailing from diverse backgrounds and corners of the globe. Enthusiasts will have the chance to witness genuine talent and passion, all within the comfort of their home country. Spanning over 400 square meters, this contemporary art exhibition will be open for viewing from November 11th at the JWD Art Space.

Ornsiree Chinkomtornwong, the founder of Chin's Gallery, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “We are greatly honoured to contribute to the vibrant local art scene. Chin’s Gallery has always aimed to support playful, diverse, and sensational urban contemporary art. By hosting exhibitions featuring prominent artists and partnering with JWD Art Space, we hope to provide a satisfying experience for both core fans and new visitors, right here in town.”

The visiting artists come from various parts of the world, including Denmark's Johan Deckmann, the USA's Richard Colman, Maxwell McMaster, and Jordan Nickel, as well as Japan's Snipe1, with Deckmann and Colman showcasing their work in Thailand for the first time.

Hailing from Copenhagen, Johan Deckmann’s exhibition, "The Art of Embracing Chaos," offers a breath of fresh air by promoting transparency and purpose amid life's volatility. Deckmann, a "text-based artist," believes that letters can convey meaning just as effectively as other art forms. By skilfully blending painting, poetry, and psychology, he cleverly exposes the complexities of life through letters on books and canvases, inviting spectators to engage in self-reflection. His satirical honesty, infused with humour and rationality, transcends gender, culture, and age, all while celebrating the beauty and simplicity of words.

Deckmann shared his excitement, stating, “I am thrilled to exhibit in Thailand for the first time and look forward to the audience's reflections. This exhibition holds a special meaning for me, and it's incredibly inspiring to know that it will be experienced by audiences on the other side of the globe. My work addresses the human experience, both in our relationships with ourselves and with others. We share the gift of life, with its challenges and blessings. I explore various themes in my art, from hope to the origin of man, success, life goals, alcohol, and fear of the future of civilization. My inspiration comes from observing human behaviour and the increasingly unpredictable world. I aim to stimulate awareness as a psychotherapist.”

From the USA, exhibitor Richard Colman is renowned for his use of symbolic imagery, fearless geometry, and personal symbols. His artworks intricately explore themes related to social hierarchies, relationships, life, and death. Colman's artistic repertoire spans paintings, murals, sculptures, and installations, making this exhibition his debut in Thailand in collaboration with Chin’s Gallery.

Another talented artist featured in the exhibition is Maxwell McMaster, based in the USA. His works draw inspiration from his local surroundings, as he manipulates colours, shapes, and textures to accentuate scenes from his everyday life and travels. The results are abstract and minimalistic designs that evoke complexity, encouraging viewers to contemplate life's ambiguities while appreciating its beauty.

Also hailing from the USA, Jordan Nickel, known as POSE, skilfully blends elements of pop art, comics, cartoons, and street art in his robust and fragmented murals and canvas paintings. His work features crisp illustrations and vibrant colour palettes, inspired by his early fascination with graffiti and a talent for translating everyday snapshots into contemporary pop art with a deeper message.

Finally, Snipe1, a pioneer of graffiti art in Japan, brings his unique style to Chin’s Gallery's exhibition. Having been active since the early days of graffiti in Japan and later in New York during his teenage years, Snipe1's work fuses the sensibility of street art with a distinct "dirtiness," solidifying his position at the forefront of Asian urban contemporary art. Over the years, he has collaborated with renowned fashion brands and artistic productions.

Chin’s Gallery's extravagant exhibition will run from November 11th to December 17th at the JWD Art Space.

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