Thai and China Unite in 'Star For You Tour'
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Thai and China Unite in 'Star For You Tour'

Elevating Cultural Ties and Boosting Economy with Artistic Flair!

The Thai government, in collaboration with the private sector, including Thai and Chinese partners, has launched the "Star For You Tour," a campaign aimed at enhancing Thai-Chinese relations and promoting tourism. Set to boost Thailand's economy by year-end, this initiative capitalises on Thailand's soft power, featuring beloved Thai artists and unique travel experiences.

The "Star For You Tour" campaign is designed to promote tourism among Chinese tourists through Thailand's soft power, in line with government policies. The event employs influencer marketing strategies to target Chinese tourists who are fans of Thai artists, offering them a unique travel experience to various Thai tourist destinations and a chance to attend a special concert, the Thai-Chinese Tourism Business Association, the Immigration Bureau, the Tourist Police, Thai Airways International Public Co., Ltd., OTOP Trader, Thai Sports, Exact Scenario Co., Ltd., and Propoliz products.

Scheduled for December 2, 2023, the highlight of the campaign is the "Star For You Meeting Concert" at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. This exclusive gathering is expected to draw fans to a first-of-its-kind gathering of four popular artists from a popular series.

The concert features two beloved pairs: Film Thanapat and Jam Rachata, stars from the series "Khun Chai" and "Law Of Attraction," and Daou Pittaya and Offroad Kantapon from the boy band Laz 1, also known for their roles in "Love In Translation" on Channel One 31. This is the first time these artists will share the stage, offering a unique performance exclusive to this event.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) reports that from January 1 to November 10, 2023, Thailand welcomed 2,876,426 Chinese tourists. The "Star For You Tour" is anticipated to attract at least an additional 5,000 tourists from China, potentially generating upwards of 300 million baht. This influx is seen as a vital contribution to the Thai economy, particularly during the festive year-end period, and is expected to reinforce the amicable ties between Thailand and China.

The organisers, Nee Krung Connect Co., Ltd. and Siam Casa Trading Co., Ltd., ensure an unforgettable show, emphasising that it will be unlike any performance previously seen in other countries.

Don't miss this unique cultural rendezvous on December 2 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok.

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