Krungsri Recognises ESG Excellence with Inaugural Awards

Krungsri Recognises ESG Excellence with Inaugural Awards

Krungsri celebrates its commitment to ESG principles by awarding the Krungsri ESG Awards 2023, promoting sustainable business development and fostering awareness and understanding of ESG practices among corporate customers.

Krungsri (Bank of Ayudhya PCL and its business units) honoured and supported businesses in driving Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles by granting Krungsri ESG Awards 2023 to 18 recipients, who seamlessly embodied ESG principles into their business operations. The awards underscore Krungsri's dedication to supporting ESG excellence and fostering a comprehensive ecosystem. This commitment also involves extending support to business customers, enabling them to steer their businesses towards growth and sustainability stability.

Mr. Kenichi Yamato, Krungsri President and Chief Executive Officer said "With the aspiration to become the most sustainable commercial bank in Thailand, Krungsri has embraced the ESG framework within our business operations. We actively support and encourage our partners and corporate customers to make a transition towards the ESG journey through financial support. Krungsri ESG Awards 2023 stands as a testament to collaborative efforts across various sectors, including our dedicated committee, partners from both government and private agencies, and participants who have shared knowledge and experiences in applying ESG principles throughout their business operations. The collective cooperation, brainstorming, and earnest actions of all participants have contributed to the project’s success, lending to tangible positive changes. Krungsri expresses gratitude to all participants, and we sincerely hope that the awards serve as a significant promoter for advancing business development in alignment with ESG principles. This will contribute to the sustainable growth of Thai businesses on a national scale."

Miss Duangkamol Limpuangthip, Krungsri Head of SME Banking Group said “Krungsri, as a key player in the financial sector, has played a crucial role in propelling country's sustainable growth. We recognise the urgency to support our corporate customers in their transition towards sustainability, given the pervasive influence of the ESG framework across all business sectors, we emphasise the need for businesses at all levels, including SME entrepreneurs, to be attentive and adaptable within this framework for sustained growth. Recognising that many business customers may lack clarity or knowledge on the optimal course of action. The Krungsri ESG Awards 2023 takes on a crucial role in fostering awareness and understanding, to facilitate and reinforce continuous action in support of sustainable practices.”

The inaugural Krungsri ESG Awards 2023 aims to encourage business customers about the significance of ESG principles for businesses and encourage their integration and expansion across all facets to promote sustainability. This initiative has received recognition from partner organisations well-versed in ESG expertise, such as the Federation of Thai Industries, the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation, the Department of Business Development, the Social Enterprise Thailand Association, and Sasin School of Management. These entities actively participated in the adjudication committee for the awards. This year’s eligible participants included Krungsri’s corporate customers with annual sales not exceeding 1 billion baht and social business groups under the SE Thailand network. A total of 18 awards were presented, comprising 6 Excellence Awards recognising outstanding application of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, and 12 Highly Commended Awards acknowledging businesses that initiate and implement good practices in all three ESG dimensions. Additionally, this event has been organised as a Carbon Neutral Event, compensating for any remaining carbon emissions to emphasise Krungsri's commitment to addressing climate issues.

"We would like to congratulate all the award recipients. The vision and dedication to ESG initiatives exhibited by awardees extend beyond the businesses, contributing significantly to positive change on both national and global scale. Krungsri remains committed to supporting our customers' business operations by providing products and solutions that prioritise sustainability across various dimensions. This commitment includes a range of activities designed to foster awareness, promotion, and support for ESG practices, propelling the sustainable growth of Thai SMEs into the future."  Miss Duangkamol concluded.

There are 18 Krungsri ESG Awards 2023 as follows:

6 Excellence Awards

  1. Bitwise (Thailand) Company Limited
  2. Hexa-Ceram Company Limited 
  3. JD Food Public Company Limited
  4. King Fruits Company Limited
  5. Burapa Prosper Company Limited
  6. Dairy Home Company Limited

12 Highly commended Awards

  1. TTT Corporation Company Limited
  2. TOFUSAN Company Limited
  3. Cherdchai Auto House Company Limited
  4. Umeda Company Limited
  5. G Hwa Industries Company Limited
  6. WEST International (Thailand) Company Limited
  7. Sangchai Meter Company Limited
  9. U-Thong Bio Power Company Limited 
  10. Green Net Company Limited
  11. FolkCharm Company Limited
  12. Jasberry Company Limited
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