China-Thailand Medical Exchange Strengthens Bilateral Cooperation

China-Thailand Medical Exchange Strengthens Bilateral Cooperation

A successful medical exchange event between China and Thailand has strengthened bilateral cooperation in the healthcare sector, with a focus on cutting-edge topics like regenerative medicine and anti-aging.

The China-Thailand Medical Exchange Meeting, jointly organised by Bloomage BioTechnology, Thailand's BCH Group, Lavida Medical Consultant Company, World Medical Hospital, and Thailand's Fanslink Company, was successfully conducted at World Medical Hospital in Thailand. This event signifies not only a significant occurrence in the medical sector but also a crucial milestone in medical cooperation and exchange between China and Thailand.

On the morning of November 22, 2023, over 70 deans and doctors from major Chinese cities received a warm welcome at World Medical Hospital in Bangkok, complete with traditional Thai ceremonies. They explored various departments of the hospital, with particular attention to anti-aging and reproduction units, and participated in a Sino-Thai medical exchange meeting at the same venue. The highlight of the event was a comprehensive showcase of Thailand's international medical expertise, highlighting the nation's leadership in these fields.

The primary focus of the exchange meeting was to enhance cooperation and exchange in the medical field between China and Thailand. At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Wissanu Krea-ngam, former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, delivered a video message emphasising the importance of medical cooperation between China and Thailand, sharing his experiences of multiple visits to China for cooperation. Furthermore, senior leaders from BCH Group, Lavida Medical, and World Medical Hospital also delivered speeches, further underlining the profound significance of medical exchanges between China and Thailand.

A special mention must be made of the outstanding speeches delivered by representatives of Lavida Medical, including Dr. Porntip, Dr. LIM WEI KHOON, and Ms. Jiang Bowen. They not only introduced the latest developments in Thai medical care to the Chinese delegation but also engaged in in-depth discussions on cutting-edge topics such as regenerative medicine and anti-aging. The Q&A session that followed was the climax of the meeting, during which both sides engaged in extensive discussions on cutting-edge anti-aging therapies and medications, medical instruments, international medical standards, and certifications, among other topics. The meeting atmosphere was warm, and the exchanges were fruitful.

The success of this exchange meeting has not only deepened the understanding and friendship between China and Thailand in the medical field but has also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation and development. After the meeting, Bloomage BioTechnology, Thailand BCH Group, and Lavida Medical exchanged gifts and took group photos, symbolising the promising future and strong friendship of China-Thailand medical cooperation. With the continued organisation of such exchange activities, we have reason to believe that cooperation between China and Thailand in the healthcare sector will flourish and benefit the people of both countries.

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