The ultimate extravaganza Christmas celebration like no other!
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The ultimate extravaganza Christmas celebration like no other!

Central Group’s 5 must-visit luxurious shopping destinations in Europe

Immerse yourself in the festive spirit and bid farewell to the year at five luxury department stores within the Central Group in Europe, as they invite Thai globetrotters to experience the joyous atmosphere of Europe during Christmas. These destinations have been transformed to delight shoppers from around the world during this festive season. Visit Selfridges in the United Kingdom, Rinascente in Italy, KaDeWe in Germany, ILLUM in Denmark, and Globus in Switzerland. Enjoy shopping for exclusive and hard-to-find products, perfect for gifting yourself or loved ones. Immerse yourself in the European-style Christmas ambiance and capture moments with more exquisite decorations than ever before. For Thai shoppers who are members of The 1, you can enjoy discounts, accumulate points, and access many other exclusive privileges.

Get ready to embark on a journey and revel in the joy and wonder that await you at Europe’s five world-class department stores within the Central Group.

1. Showtime! at Selfridges, United Kingdom

The first destination for travellers looking to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of joy and celebration amidst lavish decorations and exceptionally unique products must be Selfridges on Oxford Street, London. They kick off the festive season faster than anyone else with the theme ‘Showtime!’ inspired by the enchantment of stage performances, especially the stage designs and costumes of Christmas characters. These stories are brought to life through the window displays of the department store, created by Queenie Ingrams, a specialist painter, and Matilda Greenwood, a prop artist. Together, they have crafted an extraordinary work of art that invites visitors to be amazed by the impressive show, starting from 24 November 2023.

Home decorators, rejoice! This year, Selfridges has introduced the first-ever "Christmas Shop" at their London branch, covering over 370 square meters of space. It offers a wide range of products and decorations, with more than 1,300 items, including classic and modern designs, as well as the return of iconic yellow shopping bag decorations, an icon of Selfridges, which was last year’s sold out. In addition to this, there are exclusive products available only here that cater to all customer groups, whether it’s the younger generation or nature lovers. You can choose to shop according to six different themes: Gen Z Favourites: Christmas decorations designed for the Gen Z generation. Made in the UK: Products exclusively manufactured in the United Kingdom. Foodie Favourites: Items tailored for food enthusiasts. Celebrating Diversity: A collection of decorations that celebrate diversity, paying homage to Black culture. A Conscious Christmas: Christmas tree decorations made from recyclable materials. Personalisation: Items and gift wrapping that can be personalised with your own name. These products all fall under ‘Project Earth,’ ensuring the quality of environmentally-friendly and sustainable products. Shoppers can choose to purchase them as gifts or for collecting during this Christmas season. You can also explore the product listings in advance on the website.

2. The Christmas Factory at Rinascente, Italy

When it comes to luxury paired with a unique experience, there’s nowhere else to go but ‘Rinascente,’ the ultimate classic department store with a history of over 150 years. This year, embark on a Christmas journey as Rinascente transforms its nine branches into ‘The Christmas Factory’ a space of joy, akin to being in a dreamland. In addition to this, there are many Christmas welcoming products, especially those crafted with inspiration from classic art, combined with luxury and cutting-edge innovation. These include Limited Edition products from the Lemax brand, featuring the scent of the famous ‘Home for Christmas’ artwork by a renowned American artist, nutcracker dolls from brands TIMSTOR, EDG, and KAEMINGK, which are indispensable symbols of the Christmas season, as well as carillons designed by brands Di Virgilio 1830 and Petrucciani, among many other products that will enhance this year’s Christmas celebration. Furthermore, there is an exclusive pop-up store with a ‘Food Gifts’ food line ready to serve delightful tastes throughout this joyful season in all branches. For those who wish to celebrate in advance, you can use the Rinascente On-Demand service to chat directly with personal shoppers in Italy via LINE: @RinascenteOnDemand or on the website

3. World of Ralph Lauren at KaDeWe, Germany

High-end brand enthusiasts, don’t miss out, as this year, KaDeWe collaborates with the Ralph Lauren brand to transform the luxury department stores of all three locations: KaDeWe in Berlin, Alsterhaus in Hamburg, and Oberpollinger in Munich, into a special space. This comes with the concept of ‘Holiday Takeover,’ turning these renowned department stores into the ‘World of Ralph Lauren.’ Additionally, they are opening a pop-up store for the first time at KaDeWe Berlin, where shoppers can enjoy shopping while being part of the ‘Ralph Lauren Giving Tree’ project. This project allows you to donate to cancer research centres in Germany by writing the names of your loved ones on Ralph Lauren’s Christmas tree ornaments. You can also experience the ‘Holiday Takeover’ concept from today until 26 December 2023. For those who are unable to shop in Germany, you can shop online at

4. Fashion, Fairy Tales & Festivities by Chanel at ILLUM, Denmark

Experience the wonder of Christmas at the luxurious department store in the heart of Copenhagen, known as one of the finest in the world. This Christmas, ILLUM collaborates with the luxury brand Chanel to transform the atmosphere of the city's department store into the realm of ‘Fashion, Fairy Tales & Festivities.’ This includes Window Displays showcasing the coolest designs from Chanel, created especially for true fans. Additionally, indulge in the taste of special food and beverages served exclusively at the Chanel Boutique during this festive season. For those in search of special gifts, you can shop the latest collections from renowned brands like Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Bvlgari, Zegna, Rimowa, and many more. They also offer classic-style gift wrapping with ILLUM's signature white paper.

Photography enthusiasts, don’t miss out on the opportunity to take beautiful photos transformed into Christmas angels. There’s a photo booth area at the mall’s entrance decorated with angel wings in three colours: pink, blue, and green. Plus, there are various selfie spots throughout the mall to capture the perfect moments. In addition to this, there are plenty of special activities for visitors, including art workshops for children, live music performances, and fun DJ music. ILLUM aims to create a captivating experience for everyone, whether you're a party-goer or a parent with children. You can immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Christmas starting from 11 November 2023. Don't miss out on this festive season; come and visit ILLUM in Copenhagen or celebrate in advance at

5. Magical Train Journey at Globus, Switzerland

Globus invites everyone to experience a train journey amidst the breathtaking Swiss Alps scenery that will enchant travellers and immerse them in the splendours of Switzerland. With the special ‘Magical Train Journey,’ Globus will take shoppers on a unique shopping experience through various zones filled with a wide range of extraordinary products. These include fashion and beauty items from brands like Claudie Pierlot, Bio Effect, La Prairie, and Dries Van Noten, as well as beautifully crafted décor items from Villeroy & Boch, and mouthwatering food that everyone is invited to savour and become part of a journey filled with wonder. It's a Christmas legend like never before. You can find this enchanting experience at Globus in Switzerland, available at all 9 branches or start celebrating early by visiting their website at

The 1 pinned 5 European department stores in the Central Group, where you can shop and collect points!

The special offers don't end here! In addition to experiencing the grand Christmas atmosphere, members of The 1 can also collect points from their shopping. Simply present your receipt and The 1 application at the Customer Services counter of each department store.

  • Every EUR 1 spent = 1 point at Rinascente, KaDeWe, Oberpollinger, and Alsterhaus.
  • Every DKK 7.5 spent = 1 point at ILLUM.
  • Every CHF 1 spent = 1 point at Globus.

Enjoy a 10% discount on participating items by simply showing The 1 application. Plus, get up to 15% cashback when using Central The 1 Credit Card for purchases. In addition, The 1 Exclusive members can enjoy a shopping experience beyond compare, including Fast Track service for tax refund, gift wrapping service, personal shopping assistance, hotel delivery, and many more exclusive services. So, when you fly to Europe next time, don't forget that you have special privileges from The 1.

For those who are not travelling to Europe but still want to celebrate this festive season in style, you can easily shop for Christmas items, including decorations and gifts for yourself and your loved ones from Selfridges. Just place your order online at, and enjoy unlimited free delivery for one year by subscribing to the Selfridges+ Global package.

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