Central Westville Transforms Western Bangkok with Innovative Shopping District
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Central Westville Transforms Western Bangkok with Innovative Shopping District

Now Open! 'Central Westville' Transforms Bangkok's Western Skyline into the Ultimate Lifestyle Destination

Central Pattana Plc., a leading Thai real estate developer dedicated to sustainability, and renowned for developing Central shopping centres, residential projects, office buildings, and hotels across Thailand, proudly unveils 'Central Westville.' Valued at 6.2 billion baht, this new landmark in Western Bangkok emerges as the cornerstone of the 'Westville District,' elevating the entire area's lifestyle under the banner of "West at Its Best," committed to providing the highest quality of life for all. Featuring over 300 leading brands and stores, the project offers an unparalleled experience across dining, family activities, pet-friendly spaces, sports, and fashion destinations. This includes over 80 restaurants, along with seamless integration of Central Group businesses, featuring 'Central Factory,' housing 700 renowned brands, Tops Food Hall as the exclusive destination in the district, and collaborations with Power Buy, B2S, Supersports, and Officemate.

Innovating with eco-friendliness and pet-friendliness at its core, Central Westville introduces the concept of the 'First Nature Harmonized Retail,' a semi-outdoor model, and a low-carbon mall. The project reflects a trend toward urban development focused on sustainability and a harmonious coexistence with nature.

Brand Strategy Unveiled: Why Westville District? Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Chief Marketing Officer of Central Pattana Plc., emphasises that Central Westville's launch is not merely the opening of a shopping centre but the creation of a new district. It reflects the unique lifestyle and potential of the area, elevating its status. The aim is to establish a clear urban planning framework, similar to renowned global cities identified by their distinct districts, such as New York City's Upper Eastside or London's City of Westminster. The introduction of the Westville District, with Central Westville as its flagship, is expected to boost land values by 50-60% whenever a Central shopping centre is established in a location.

He further elaborates on Central Pattana's vision of expanding Bangkok beyond the traditional CBD by implementing the Strategic Rings strategy. This strategy involves creating districts around Bangkok, including 'Central Eastville' in the east, enhancing Nonthaburi's potential with 'Central Westgate, Rattanathibet,' and the recent addition of 'Westville.' Additionally, the expansion extends to outer areas, as exemplified by 'Central Salaya' in Nakhon Pathom, with plans to open 'Central Nakhon Pathom' the following year. Central Pattana also extends its influence to Samut Sakhon with 'Central Mahachai' and to Samut Prakan with the luxury outlet 'Central Village,' among other developments.

'West at Its Best' - Meeting Diverse Lifestyle Needs:

  • Business Collaboration: The project integrates various Central Group brands, including Central Department Store, within the innovative 'Central Factory,' housing 700 renowned brands. Additionally, it introduces Tops Food Hall as the district's exclusive destination, complemented by Power Buy, B2S, Supersports, and Officemate.
  • Family Destination: Catering to all generations, Central Westville offers SkyRise Adventure, Thailand's largest rope course, Kiztopia, a comprehensive learning and entertainment playground from Singapore, Westville Cineplex, and a diverse fashion lineup featuring over 70 popular brands such as Uniqlo, Muji, Adidas, Pandora, and LUSH.
  • Upscale Dining: The district boasts an exceptional culinary experience with 80 renowned restaurants, including 'Ăn Cơm Ăn Cá,' 'ThongSmith,' 'Ros'niyom,' 'Rongsi Pochana,' Nam Nam Pasta and Tapas, Nana Coffee Roasters, and more.
  • Petsumer Destination: Central Westville is a pet-friendly shopping center, offering over 1,000 square meters of dedicated space for activities with pets. It features 17 paw-friendly restaurants in the Semi-Outdoor zone, including 'Ăn Cơm Ăn Cá,' 'ThongSmith,' 'Ros'niyom,' and others.
  • Health and Fitness: The district caters to health enthusiasts and active individuals with Jett Fitness, open until midnight.
  • Eco-Consumer and Sustainability: Central Westville promotes eco-friendly practices with 22 EV charging stations and collaborations with eco-conscious stores. Initiatives include discouraging the use of bulbs, plastic bags, and encouraging the use of personal cups.

Highlights of the Eco-Friendly Grand Opening Celebration:

  1. The Soul of Nature: An immersive art installation featuring a waterfall curtain over 20 meters high, showcasing the beauty of nature.
  2. 'Hiran Ratchaphruek Christmas Tree' and Christmas Craft Market: A unique Christmas tree made from natural materials, crafted in collaboration with the Mae Fa Luang Foundation, and a Christmas Craft Market featuring distinctive gifts.
  3. The Sweet Sensation Dining Zone: A dessert presentation area with a large dessert car, perfect for content creators and photography enthusiasts.
  4. The Spirit on Track: Ride and Charge: A swing challenge to generate clean energy, with moving wings and illuminating butterflies. Participants can charge their phones while cycling.
  5. The AR of Nature: An immersive experience of nature through cutting-edge technology.

Don't miss the shopping extravaganza! Central Westville offers daily shopping promotions, with a chance to win prizes every day. Shoppers can enter a draw to win a Toyota Corolla Cross HEV Premium car worth over 1 million baht and an electric scooter ZEEHO AE6+ with every 1,000 baht spent. Additionally, shoppers spending 5,000 baht or more will receive a limited edition Earth-friendly tumbler, while top spenders accumulating 100,000 baht or more throughout the campaign will receive a woven eco-friendly bag. For The1 members, accumulating purchases totaling 10,000 baht or more at participating stores will yield up to 4 times the points, along with an additional 2,000 points and a 100 baht discount at renowned dining and shopping brand stores.

Experience the year-end celebration at "Central Westville," the ultimate shopping destination on Ratchaphruek Road, guided by the concept of "West at Its Best," dedicated to meeting all the needs in the western part of Bangkok, while upholding Central Pattana's commitment to enhancing the quality of life and promoting sustainability. The official opening is scheduled for Wednesday, November 29, 2023.

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