BELLYGOM Joins Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree Extravaganza in Bangkok
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BELLYGOM Joins Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree Extravaganza in Bangkok

Siam Discovery, in collaboration with GC and BELLYGOM, has unveiled the eco-friendly "Sustainable Living X'mas Tree 2023" for a joyous end-of-year celebration.

Siam Discovery, the Exploratorium, reaffirms its position as a leader in cutting-edge creativity, inviting everyone to explore limitless experiences in experimentation, creation, and cultivation across its spaces. Prepare to be captivated by an exquisite and distinctive Christmas tree designed to welcome the New Year with unparalleled style. This year, Siam Discovery has partnered with PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC) and BELLYGOM to introduce the eco-friendly "Sustainable Living X'mas Tree 2023," embracing sustainability in every dimension. BELLYGOM, the famous giant pink bear from South Korea, standing at an impressive height of 4 meters, takes the spotlight alongside an upcycled Christmas tree made from HDPE plastic, soaring to 11.50 meters, gracing Discovery Plaza from today until January 14, 2024, at Siam Discovery.

The grand opening event, led by Narathip Rattapradit, Chief Operating Officer of Siam Piwat Company Limited, along with Dr. Kongkrapan Intarajang, Chief Executive Officer and President of PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC), Suweeraya Angsawanon, Assistant Managing Director of the Partner Management and Corporate Communications Department at T.A.C. Consumer Public Company Limited, Lee Bo-hyun, Vice President of Lotte Home Shopping, and two prominent actors, Bright-Raphiphong Thapsuwan and Nonkun-Chanon Santinatornkul, brought forth this stunning Christmas tree.

Narathip Rattapradit, Chief Operating Officer of Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., emphasised Siam Piwat's commitment to conducting business with sustainability in mind, especially concerning the environment. The company's goal is to contribute to nature's recovery and leave behind a liveable world for all living beings. Over the years, Siam Piwat has integrated environmental preservation into its business operations, including various activities designed to bring happiness to all. This year, the company continues its dedication to the circular economy principles, focusing on recycling resources to minimise waste. Siam Piwat joins hands with GC for the sixth consecutive year to create an eco-friendly Christmas tree, creatively upcycled from HDPE plastic.

"In addition, Siam Discovery has been a pioneer in spreading happiness through creative, eco-friendly Christmas trees for over 15 years. This year, we promise to bring even more exclusive joy by collaborating with BELLYGOM, the beloved pink bear from South Korea renowned for its talent in delighting and surprising people. BELLYGOM joins the celebration at Siam Discovery, standing at a height of 4 meters within Belly Villa, a structure made from various HDPE plastic packaging types to form a village for giant bears. This space embodies a fusion of Thai culture, featuring a tuk-tuk, with the aim of inspiring the public and the new generation to recognise the benefits of segregating used plastics, recycling them, and converting them into valuable materials that benefit the city. We also offer a special experience with Bellygom Bear by featuring products directly imported from South Korea, available at Loft Shop on the 2nd floor of Siam Discovery," Narathip explained.

Dr. Kongkrapan Intarajang, Chief Executive Officer and President of PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC), emphasised GC's commitment to conducting business with sustainability principles, adhering to an ESG balance. The company believes that business growth should align with social and environmental care, with a focus on the circular economy as a tool to combat global warming. Through their sixth consecutive collaboration with Sustainability Partners, GC aims to raise awareness among the younger generation about the benefits of separating and recycling used plastics, as demonstrated by the Sustainable Living X'mas Tree 2023. This Christmas tree is set to save the world by upcycling a total of 2,115 kilograms of HDPE plastic. After the GC YOUTURN event, the tree will be processed through proper recycling and upcycling, transforming used plastics into packaging and various other products. This not only reduces the amount of plastic waste in landfills but also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2,181 kilograms of carbon dioxide, equivalent to 229 large trees.

"Recycling and upcycling plastics into useful products are only possible when used plastics are properly separated at the source. This requires collaboration from the public sector, as individuals need to think before using plastic, segregate it correctly, and dispose of it in the appropriate manner. This way, used plastics can be reintroduced into the system and generate benefits for the city. Just like the upcycled Christmas tree, it is ready to bring joy to everyone during Christmas and New Year," added Dr. Kongkrapan.

The event features the Plastic Funtastic activity, demonstrating how to transform used plastic bottle caps into DIY keychains, UPTOYOU Pop Up Store featuring upcycled fashion from used plastics, and the latest collection co-designed by renowned Thai designers, including Greyhound, iCONiC, TikkyWow, Mamuang, and Pomme Chan, all available for eco-conscious enthusiasts. GC YOU Turn serves as a collection point for used plastic.

Additionally, Siam Discovery presents a BELLYGOM pop-up store offering the cutest products directly imported from South Korea, including tabletop Bellygom dolls, soft silicone keychains, canvas bags, stickers, cooler bags, socks, and more, available on the 2nd floor at Loft Shop with a Gift Wrapping Station offering special BELLYGOM-themed gift wrapping patterns on the 3rd floor of Siam Discovery.

Throughout December, starting from December 12, 2023, enjoy entertainment from numerous artists and singers, including Palmy (November 23), V Violet (November 24), PROXIE (November 25), PERSES (November 26), TIGGER (November 27), CLUB AFTER CLASS (November 28), BONNADOL (November 29), 4EVE (November 30), PRETZELLE (December 31), and Bogie Lion (December 31), starting at 5:00 p.m. at Discovery Plaza, Siam Discovery.

Siam Discovery The Exploratorium is ready to spread happiness and celebrate another significant event as part of the Colorful Bangkok Winter Festival, contributing to creative tourism. Everyone is welcome to join and explore the wonders from today until January 14, 2024, at Siam Discovery.

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