PTTEP Boosts Emergency Response Preparedness in Collaboration

PTTEP Boosts Emergency Response Preparedness in Collaboration

Collaborates with the Marine Department for emergency training and workshops

Bangkok, December 4, 2023 – PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP) and PTTEP Energy Development Company Limited supported and joined Thailand Oil Spill Preparedness & Response Training and Workshop aimed to equip all relevant parties with effective response in case of emergency incidents. This training was hosted by the Marine Department with supports from several agencies, including Thai Maritime Enforcement Command Center, the Royal Thai Navy, the Department of Mineral Fuels, the Pollution Control Department, the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, the Oil Industry Environmental Safety Group Association (IESG) and related government agencies and private sectors.

The Marine Department’s training and workshops are organized as part of the National Oil and Chemical Pollution Management Plan to enhance knowledge among relevant government agencies and private organizations. This year’s event follows the objective of preparing all parties for the 13th Thailand National Oil and Chemical Spill Response Exercise, scheduled to take place in 2024.

This year’s training and workshop focused on oil spill scenarios and responses by each party in accordance with their respective roles enlisted in the draft National Oil and Chemical Pollution Management Plan. This includes situation assessment, appropriate management methods, with an emphasis on collaborative efforts among relevant agencies in emergency management. The goal is to foster knowledge and understanding as well as preparedness for swift, appropriate and efficient responses.

Participating in joint training and workshop with government agencies is part of PTTEP’s work procedures, reflecting the top priority given to the safety, security, occupational health and environmental management. Realizing that adhering to maximum safety standards is imperative for the petroleum exploration and production business, PTTEP underlines safety standards in all work procedures to ensure efficiency, safety, and preparedness for emergency response in accordance with legal and international standards.

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