Unlocking Luxury: The Chinese Luxury Watch & Jewellery Brands Index

Unlocking Luxury: The Chinese Luxury Watch & Jewellery Brands Index

Explore the dynamic world of Chinese luxury with our COMPASS China Luxury Index, revealing the top-ranking Watch and Jewellery Brands that have captured the hearts of discerning consumers in China's thriving market.

Discover the latest rankings of the top Luxury Watch and Jewellery Brands in China, and prepare to be surprised by the new number one! Our COMPASS China Luxury Index is your key to understanding which brands have truly captured the hearts of Chinese consumers.

Our unique index combines brand-generated content and user-generated content from various platforms, including WeChat, Douyin, XiaoHongShu, and Weibo. By analysing the engagement and interest these brands have stirred in the Chinese market quarter by quarter, we unveil the most compelling luxury brands.

Out of 42 exceptional Watch and Jewellery makers, we've curated the top ten brands that are ruling the Chinese luxury landscape. Please note that brands like Gucci and CHANEL are not included here; you can find their rankings in our Fashion Index.

Contrary to popular belief, Rolex doesn't clinch the top spot in the Chinese market. For three consecutive quarters, Longines Watch Co. Francillon Ltd. has held this coveted position, not only in the world of watches but also in the realm of jewellery.

The Watch Wonders

It's the watch brands that have truly made a mark in stimulating the Chinese market. OMEGA SA soared three spots to secure fourth place, while Panerai made an impressive leap of eight spots to rank eighth.

Some of the industry's powerhouses may appear lower on our list, but they've maintained their positions. Rolex retains its prominence at 12th place, down from 11th, and Van Cleef & Arpels stands firm at 13th.

The biggest risers in our index include Panerai, claiming the third-highest riser spot, along with Tasaki and Pomellato. It's fascinating to witness smaller jewellers ascending the ranks, while Asian brands like Tasaki and Qeelin are adopting a more localised approach.

Among the brands that have faced challenges, TAG Heuer takes the steepest fall, possibly linked to recent celebrity-related issues. Piaget and Chopard have also significantly descended in our rankings.

The third quarter is of paramount importance for brands in China due to the QiXi festival, China's version of Valentine's Day. It represents a key marketing activation period, and triumphing during this time is crucial for brands.

What Lies Ahead

As we move into Q4, anticipate a strong comeback from Tiffany & Co. following its historic Blue Book release in Shanghai. But the burning question remains: can it outshine Longines? Stay tuned for the latest updates.

If you have any inquiries about our rankings or want to share your thoughts, please reach out to us directly. We value your insights and welcome your comments below. Unlock the world of Chinese luxury with our COMPASS China Luxury Index!

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