Unveiling The Festive Season At The Park

Unveiling The Festive Season At The Park

Experience an Artful and Sustainable Christmas Celebration at Park Hyatt Bangkok.

In honour of the festive season, Park Hyatt Bangkok is delighted to announce a special collaboration that places sustainability at the forefront and showcases a local artist. Celebrate a festive and artistic Christmas at Park Hyatt Bangkok with an extraordinary Christmas tree serving as the centrepiece for creating unforgettable holiday memories.

To infuse the Christmas tree with the spirit of Christmas and to incorporate elements of Thai culture, Thai artist Saruta (Pin) Kiatparkpoom, known for her work with Pin Metal Art, has meticulously designed a sustainable Christmas tree with distinct Thai influences, dedicated to commemorating the holiday season. The Christmas tree is skilfully crafted from recycled metal and adorned with expertly designed glass pieces created by talented Thai artisans.

The design of the Christmas tree draws inspiration from the Bai Sri Su Kwan, a sacred Thai ceremony rich in tradition, and showcases a splendid fusion of timeless local craftsmanship and contemporary international styles. This artistic amalgamation features a curated selection of exquisite handicrafts while embodying a deep connection between the past and present.

This unique Christmas tree symbolises good fortune and blessings and serves as a perfect complement to Park Hyatt Bangkok's commitment to sharing expertly curated art.

Join us this festive season and marvel at the unveiling of our Christmas tree, displayed in the Living Room on level 9 at Park Hyatt Bangkok.

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