HAKUHODO FIRST unveils five advertising trends to watch in 2024

HAKUHODO FIRST unveils five advertising trends to watch in 2024

HAKUHODO F1RST, a top global creative agency, reflects on 20 years of success in driving desirable behaviour and unveils five advertising trends for 2024, emphasising the importance of understanding consumer behaviour, embracing AI technology, prioritising privacy, emphasising brand significance, and promoting sustainability in an ever-changing market landscape.

HAKUHODO F1RST announced their 20 years of success in creating desirable behaviour among the right target groups to generate the most efficient results for clients and brands through "Driving People's Actions".

Chutima Wiriyamahakul, Chief Executive Officer of HAKUHODO F1RST Co., Ltd, disclosed the secret of the success and presented the vision for being “a top creative agency” and “a change-making organisation”.

HAKUHODO F1RST is under the umbrella of Japan’s oldest advertising agency, HAKUHODO, which has been established for over 127 years since 1895. Over the years, it has become a top global creative agency and has earned the trust of many leading international brands. It currently operates in 20 countries with 150 offices worldwide.

HAKUHODO F1RST has divided the history into two parts. The first part ran from 2003 to 2021 under the name Delphys Hakuhodo. The second part began when the name was changed to HAKUHODO F1RST, to tackle the communications industry and economic challenges of the New Era.

The word "FIRST" holds a lot of significance and embodies the work philosophy of HAKUHODO F1RST. Whenever the company sets out to do something new, the team approaches with unwavering enthusiasm, much like a person's first steps or first experience of love. "FIRST time" or "FIRST experience" are powerful words that signify the start of something new. With a focus on becoming a future leader, HAKUHODO F1RST is dedicated to the challenges and transforming into limitless opportunities.

For over two decades, HAKUHODO F1RST has focused on the "Driving People's Actions" concept to create desirable behaviour among the right target groups in order to generate the most efficient results for clients and brands. By combining creativity, digital technology, and innovation, we have successfully built a strong relationship of confidence with the customers by offering four types of service integrations, which are

  1. Partner by Heart. The charm of Japanese service mind lies in the approach by understanding challenges with feelings, which fosters a passion to collaboratively solving problems and delivering clear results.
  2. Boundless Creative Solutions. As the company is a part of the HAKUHODO group which owns a diverse range of marketing and communication technologies, it opens up opportunities to collaborate with other group members to create innovative solutions and turn ideas into reality. Sometimes, clients and brands may require advanced communication technologies or new tools. Connecting with our business unit companies under the same umbrella can help to achieve clients and brands requirements together.
  3. Juice-up Experience Design. The planning of client’s marketing campaign is created by the “on-ground” and “online” professional teams who will connect seamless brand experiences and drive clients and brands by creating the right actions to the right target groups.
  4. Full Media Efficiency. Digital media and AI technology have become essential tools for clients that aim to increase media efficiency and reach their target audience faster. These tools help to connect potential customers with products and services, facilitate purchases, and maintain customer loyalty to the brand. As a result, the clients can build strong relationships with their customers and grow their brand.

In 2024, HAKUHODO F1RST is to align the business operation with the challenging market trends analysed across five dimensions.

The First Trend: Pandemic and Inflation Reshapes Habits Forever.

Consumer spending habits have decreased in specific industries whereas some industries clearly increased. Brands need to concentrate on identifying their core customer base and understanding the origin of their target audience's behaviour, brands can solidly establish and lasting relationships with the right people.

The Second Trend: The Rise of MARTECH

Quick access to AI technology can help brands efficiently reaching their target audience, saving time and budget while producing faster results. The company’s marketing tools are open-source and agile to adapt any technology to meaningful marketing output, even though it’s new in the industry.

The Third Trend: Privacy to Liberty

As people become increasingly worried about the safety of their personal information, they are more hesitant to share it. Nevertheless, this can be an opportunity for brands to focus on creating strong connections with their prospective audience. By gathering information from direct experiences, brands can use this data to communicate more effectively and improve their overall brand image.


The aim of brand marketing communication is not just limited to generate sales volume or respond a short-term marketing promotion. It is equally important to communicate the significance of a brand that reflects its meaning and creates a long-lasting impact of target audience by instilling brand meaning in their lives.

The Fifth Trend: Climate Action

Sustainability communication plays a vital role in purchasing decisions for consumer products and services. This is one of the core values of HAKUHODO F1RST, the agency that passionately promotes sustainability for clients and within an organisation. The company efforts are focused on gender equality, reducing energy consumption, environmental conservation, and other issues that align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Chutima Wiriyamahakul, CEO of HAKUHODO F1RST, has stated that the company will focus on “Driving People’s Actions” in response to the changing market trends, which emphasises generating the most efficient results for the client brands. To achieve the success, it is essential to create desirable behaviour among the right target groups. This behaviour should align with both business needs and sustainability. By doing so, the clients’ brands and their target groups can have a mutual focus on effective and desirable results. Furthermore, this approach will foster long-term relationships among agency and clients.

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